Federal Firearms License

Applying For A Federal Firearms License

If you want to obtain all the benefits of holding a Federal Firearms License then you will need to apply for a FFL license.

The benefits include:

  • The freedom to buy and sell firearms, guns, pistols are you please
  • The opportunity to earn extra cash as a firearms dealer
  • The chance to save up to 30% on your purchase of guns and ammunition (ammo)
  • Eliminate the FFL transfer fee’s and hassles on your firearm buys
  • Protection against firearm restricts as the gun laws may change in the future

Get Your Gun Dealer License

The FFL is also known as a Gun Dealer License, this allows individuals or corporations to purchase firearms directly from the firearms manufacturer or firearms wholesaler. A gun dealer license is issued by the federal government and requires a thorough background check by the FBI before the ATF will approve your application.

Being a gun dealer has many advantages for the individual gun owner, additional legal rights granted only to dealers and access to ordering firearms and ammo at reduced prices.

Federal Firearms License Application

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