14 Rounds in an AR Mag??? Press Check 50 Beowulf Magazine Review

Legal 14 rounds of 5.56 in the .50 Beowulf magazine by Press Check Ventures.

Check them out at: http://presscheckventures.3dcartstores.com/Rifle-Magazines_c_1.html

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  1. So can anyone provide a link to where the rcmp have said these are dual caliber i dont need the link to canadain gun nuts page or anything other than a official page which has validity with acutal law as far as i can ses these are still legal even tho no one seems to be importing them anymore. Any new info on this Rod?

  2. Hey so its been a few years and I was recently doing some research about this particle magazine. From what I understand its is now classified as a dual caliber magazine and must be pinned at 5rds if in a rifle and restricted to five rounds of in pistol format which apparently they don't sell the upper receiver in Canada?

  3. This video makes me cringe. Move south if you are too lazy to do the mag change. Down in some states you will do a mag change on your lawn in your gitch. Wake up Canadians. We have gun laws. And They work. Are they perfect- no but the alternative is fitting your kids with lvl. 3A backpacks like our neighbours. I know the majority of us legal gun owners don't fit the stats that commit murder but we are talking about import laws and what's allowed to land in the country. God knows I've never heard of a trailer/traincar gone missing. Put the logic of the overal goal of the legislation ahead of your self serving intent to own what you look up on the web. I write this with both empathy as a gun owner and dual citizenship. Go south if you question your limitations up here. We have such a great balance of freedom and law not many other ever experience don't put your lazy support side hand first. I want my kids to wear normal backpacks

  4. Hey, Canadian firearm manufacturers! You looking for a project?

    -.50 Beowulf AR mag fed pistol

    -5, 8 and 10round mag caps (8 Beowulf should be about 20 or so 5.56?)

    -Fluted 8" or 10" barrel with either:
    A) standard threaded barrel with a protective cap
    B) button crown barrel with integral compensator/break machined into the last inch or so of the barrel (sexy, right?)

    -Mini back-up irons on a top rail, allowing for optics

    -Include choice of grip & palm swell sizes, 2 mags and a lockable case with lock (no mandatory add-ons at online checkout)

    Call it the Arctic Wulf!

    Seriously. This thing would sell like crazy. And it would give Canadians the legal right to Beowulf mags up to 10 rounds.

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER: this post is my claim to all intellectual property regarding making a pistol like this. If a company makes it, cool! But you owe me 1 new pistol and 5 mags every year and/or new product release. Worth it, though right?

  5. Well, as I get ready to take the CFSC and RCFSC in a couple of weeks, I have been focusing on NR rifles that accept AR mags, due to the LAR mag bonus. Of course the Beowulf option had me drooling at first, but it looks like the RCMP are making their own rules again. Not sure if anything official is out yet, but (apparently) customs are seizing mags not pinned to 2 rnds at the request of our federal gusta…….er, police.

    Someone needs to manufacture a 50 Beowulf AR mag-fed pistol. 10 round Beowulf mags, anyone?

  6. The only way to keep criminals from having hi capacity mags is to make more laws!! Criminals follow laws all of the time!

  7. If someone makes a pistol in .50 Beowulf they could legally have a 10rd. mag for it.
    Which would then legally hold 28 .223

  8. Hey Rod, could you please make a new video about this topic? PCV no longer sells this magazine nor do other retailers in Canada. Researching this topic brings up the Nov 2015 release about RCMP possibly dictating that the magazines are prohibited. However, a newer release says this isn't the case. This topic has been discussed on various forums since Nov 2015 and I'm not sure who to believe anymore.

  9. Anyone know where I can get myself one of these mags? The link in the description doesn't sell them anymore

  10. Thanks so much for sharing this info, it's super helpful! I have to say, the range you were at looked very familiar. Was it the Abbotsford Fish and Game range by chance?

  11. Any alternative now that the beowolt 50 is prohibited over 2 rounds? Socom 458 5 round?

  12. We need an SKS pistol to be made so we can have 10 round SKS mags….. uhg that's so irritating.

  13. whats the point of looking at your ejection port? you have a stoppage, tap, rack. how can you see your ejection port in low light let alone complete darkness?

    keep it simple, keep it the same. if it's a reload or a stoppage, keep the actions the same! tap your mag when you reload or when clearing a stoppage and rack the charging handle to send that round home or clear the stoppage.

    stress and adrenaline really take a tool on intelligence and fine dexterity, if it's the same action it's that much easier, no need to think simply act and muscle memory will take care of the rest.

  14. A number of online suppliers in Canada are offering the E-lander 10 round magazine. Most are out of stock, but they are still available at a few. The photo shows that "For use in A1A type rifles" is printed on the magazine. The story is that they were designed for the Australian International Arms AIA Enfield, a bolt action rifle chambered in 308 with 10 round magazines that happen to also work in an M14. If this were true, the magazine would be legal in Canada to use with an M14 or any other rifle in which it would work. The trouble is "A1A" is not the same as "AIA" It is not plausible that E-Lander would design an make a magazine for the AiA Enfield and accidentally label them for A1A. It turns out that the magazine was designed for the Lithgow L1 A1A semi-automatic rifle. As such, the magazines are prohibited in Canada unless they have been modified to bring the capacity down to 5. Yet people are buying them thinking they are legal in their M14s.

  15. some Genuine beowulf mags were sold with 18 round capacity, checked with 6 rounds of 50 beowulf to make sure the 6th round cant be jammed in.

  16. If there are no mag limits in Canada for manual guns, why can't you just never a straight pull AR or Remington pump 223 and have as many 30 rounders as you want?

  17. I haven't found a magazine I like for 50 Beowulf. Even Alex A magazines the bullets jam up when the cartridge lip hits the magazine lip. I discovered the fix and that is file down the edge lip of the magazine so the bullet doesn't hit. I did this with the 40 round 556 pmags so my beowulfs won't jam.

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