.25-45 Sharps Cartridge Review with Range and Hunt Report

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Video review on the .25-45 Sharps cartridge from the Sharps Rifle Company. This video also includes a short coyote hunt report using the .25-45 Sharps ammunition. This cartridge allows you to shoot an 87 grain bullet in your standard AR15 rifle with just a barrel change to one chambered in the .25-45 Sharps (headspace gauges are available from JGS Precision). The upper we received from Sharps also includes the Sharps Reliabolt.

Barrels chambered for the .25-45 Sharps are now available through the Sharps Rifle Company website, http://www.srcarms.com . They are also now selling the 87 grain Hot-Cor ammunition, as well as sizing/reloading dies. They now offer everything you need to turn your familiar AR15 rifle, into a medium to big game rifle, capable of taking hog and medium sized deer.

Here is a video on Iraqveteran8888’s channel that shows how to do an AR15 upper build, that includes installing a .25-45 Sharps barrel: http://youtu.be/BnjW87J5MTU

*This video contains images of legal hunting activities. If you are offended by these types of images, please do not watch this video.*

19 thoughts on “.25-45 Sharps Cartridge Review with Range and Hunt Report”

  1. Forgot about this thread. A little update on misc stuff. To date H4198 powder has become my favorite. Its not touchy like .5 more grains will suddenly show pressure. Velocity are so consistent I sometimes think the chrono readout is stuck. My 40 yr favorite Win 748 used mostly for match accurate ammo in 223 and 22-250 gives very erratic velocities…bummer and no-go for me. The Sierra 90 GameKing is THE bullet our elderly customers use for their old 250 Savages, they swear by the bullet.

    One interesting thing I found was match primers like Federal would give about 45 fps boost with the same load over standard Win primers. I never would have thought that but spending so much time over a chrono will do that. Don't use hard primers like the CCI "milspec" types. They will not show pressure signs like flattening. So you're at the firing line bench testing hotter and hotter loads, all looks A-OK. Next one has .5gr higher load and the primer pockets are blowing out. These hard primers still don't show pressure even though lying inside the receiver.

  2. im going to save u a lot of embarassment,you are American i hope,you cant pronunciate for shit. Leuphold is not pronounced- Lee a pold- its pronounced Loop hold

  3. This is a great round…it seems so much better than 223/556… Why is the military not using it???

  4. I've been using a 25-223 for several years. Same as the 25-45 Sharps except it has a shorter neck to handle longer bullets better. Easily getting 3000 fps with 90gr Sierras from a 20" barrel. Groups run MOA and mine is not too fussy about which bullet. Sierras tend to be more consistent with tighter groups.
    I use new Lapua brass so I'm more comfortable pushing the velocity without worrying about my brass cracking or primer pocket blowing out when it should not be.

    Its a great way to get better performance on deer sized targets.

  5. this peaked my interest when i heard about it just the other day (im always late to the game) but was not a fan of having a 24" on my AR so droped sharps a email and this is what they sent me cause i like the idea of sticking to 16" barrel…

    With a 24" barrel, velocity is 3000 fps, with 1738 ft. lbs. of energy.
    20" barrel, 2970 fps, 1704 ft. lbs.
    18" barrel, 2890 fps, 1613 ft. lbs.
    16" barrel, 2790 fps, 1504 ft. lbs.

  6. It has almost they same ballistics as a 250 savage which was a very popular cartridge at the turn of the century and was until the 243 winchester was invented so I think the 25-45 sharps would be a great medium game cartridge

  7. Man Kalifornia really seems to have burned "Sportsman's Guilt" into it's hunters.. you did everything short of apologize for legally taking the animal.

  8. If they can't get a 100gr. Bullet moveing 2700 fps may as well just stick to the 5.56! The bc of 87 gr .25 is shit!

  9. kind of pointless to quote velocities from barrels they don't even offer! A 6.8 will push an 85 grain Barnes TSX @ 3030 fps from a 16" barrel even faster with a barrel tube and handloads. Still would like to build a 25-45 though.

  10. What is the largest game you have killed with this caliber (or what do you think it is capable of killing size wise)??

  11. Update..   Using a Hornady 75g Amax and Reloader 7 powder I am getting 3000+fps and moa accuracy… Turning out to be as good or better hunting round as a 7.62×39 round..

  12. I purchased a complete 25-45 upper from Sharps..  Really good workmanship on the upper.. The SRC 87g factory loads chronograph at 2900fps with the 20" bbl..  I cant duplicate the factory loads but with 27g of H322 I can do a Barns 80g at 2700fps and have less than 1 moa…   Shoots out to 300 yards with no problems..  Kind of like a 30-30 winchester round except you can deer hunt out to 300 yards.  Makes an AR15 a good deer or predator rifle.   Also resizing the brass is a snap.?

  13. Did you buy one or build one after your review? Building is on my bucket list. Never reloaded got a die set and press and barrel waiting for gas block and rifle length tube. I think your from Ohio also so weather will slow down my testing.

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