.300 Blk Magpul magazine PROBLEMS and FIXES!

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  1. They mainly have this problem with the 220 grain but when you use like 120 or 150 grain it doesn't seem to be a problem. However, Magpul now makes a pmag designated for 300 BO so it should solve that issue.

  2. don't have this issue with my Gen 3 mags, looks like the gen 2 mags are pressing forward end of bullets in

  3. As far as Magpul's .300 blk mags, they are not reliable! Bought 2 recently, had 6 failure to feeds out of 60 rounds subsonic. Garbage. Had zero FTF with regular gen 3s after 1000s of rounds.

  4. Have you tried filing out just the top few inches? Only the top few rounds really need to be straight…

  5. don't waste your time, magpul is set to release dedicated. 300 blk mags soon. on their website it says "summer 2017" but I bet it will be closer to end of summer early fall.

  6. Is this just a magpul M2 issue or is it with the M3 too? What about aluminum GI and steel mags?

  7. Going to a Lancer or Gen 3 will probably fix this problem also. It's primarily a tolerance issue with the Gen 2 mag and 300's with really could ogives. This isn't a gun issue… Even with the misalignment, many 300s will cycle, but not all AR's have the same specs. Depending on where your mag release is in the lower and the ramps in the upper and barrel, one gun can run and another with shit the bed. I've seen this more with the AAC built guns than others. There is quite a bit of junk out there, though. Stay with quality names and if there isn't markings to include the manufacturer on the barrel, don't use it.

  8. Good video I have a ton of magpul Gen. 2 and Gen. 3 yes some G2 are prone to this problem and gen. 3 are not but boy if anyone knocks magpul,and glock the people lose it. Everyone remember there is a gen. 1,gen. 2, gen. 3 etc for a reason improvements.

  9. Lancer also rocks with customer service. And personally they were better than magpul in my case. I don't have hard feelings with magpul anymore but I used to be a little mad. Their M3 has addressed all my complaints.

  10. so those ribs are the follower guides. it's meant as a redundancy for the front and back of the follower. not sure if someone else commented this already or not. definitely don't remove it all the way but taking some off the top won't affect the magazines in the future. just the thought of an ex grunt.

  11. you have a solution for a problem that doesnt exist… i have a bunch of thee mags and shoot subs and super 300blk and never seen an issue with this..

  12. Load your own and don't go past 2.26 OAL. Use burger bullets. The ogive is much sharper and never touches those ribs. My favorite load is a 168 gr berger VLD hunter using 18.5 grs of 5744 loaded to 2.20 inches. Chrono shows 1850 fps average.

  13. also my rounds would jump right out n completely jumble up in my magpuls by lightly tapping them near or on the bottom

  14. i dont think its just the .300 BO because one of mine does it with the 556 so i think is a magpul thing asides from sharp feed lips ive had my c pro mags out perform my magpul now this is just my experience

  15. I have not had any mag problems with .300 including drum mags but I have had problems with that exact ammo in 2 of 5 of my rifles in that caliber 1 being an SBR and the other a 14.5" rifle

  16. I have not experienced this issue yet. I also use a speed loader when loading my mags. Thanks for posting the video. It was interesting.

  17. Ive never had an issue with my gen 2 mags w 300 blk out. All feed like clockwork with various ammo. I'm perplexed with the issues your having. AAC designed the round to be used with existing parts/accessories without modifications. Is your rifle properly lubricated? Just a thought. Sorry to hear about the problems you're having.

  18. Thanks for posting tis and for all of the comments. I had just ordered 4 pmags for my new 300 bo, but I just cancelled – now I'll be getting hexmags instead.

  19. My 30 rnd Hexmag's hold my 300 aac 220 grains perfectly. Will purchase some lancers instead of the P-mag G2

  20. The COAL maybe the issue. Ideally, the "rib" when inserting a should be at the level of the ogive of the bullet. In the early phase of the 300 blackout, most rounds were loaded to the 300 whisper specs which are more suitable for bolt action riffles. I don't have this issue with none of my Magpul magazines as I reload my rounds.

  21. So i have seen someone else talking about this, and suggesting all 300blk users only buy and use gi mags. They do not have this rib, which he specifically mentioned…I think i am going to invest in them..I am pretty sure that is where my issue lies…

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