$500 AR15 Build: Review Anderson Lower Receiver

Building an AR-15 on the cheap for $500 or less. In this part of the series we’re reviewing the Anderson Arms lower receiver and Palmetto State Armory Defender lower parts kit. The Defender kit features a very slick polished and nickle plated trigger and hammer. Swweeeeet!

Budget spent so far:
Anderson Receiver – $50
PSA Defender LPK – $55
Total: $105 usd

26 thoughts on “$500 AR15 Build: Review Anderson Lower Receiver”

  1. i paied 117 bucks for my striped Anderson lower receiver. original price was 80 bucks but with my Chicago taxes i had to pay a little more..

  2. I got the Anderson lower and bought a mil-spec lpk for it without the pistol grip and as addition to how I wanted it fitted my way bought a magpul noe grip and I see the minor gap on the back-strap that goes up to the rear of the receiver but it mounts perfectly flush to the grip mount on the receiver itself. that being said it's a really great buy for the money and the plans I have for the build will only end up costing me roughly $650 for a rifle that will function flawlessly and fit my wants as I see fit. it's an excellent investment altogether

  3. Andersons are $70 in Long Island, NY and an Aero precision lower at the same Shop was $100. Owner recommended the Anderson's if I didn't care about the Logo. I bought the Palmetto lower build kit. For $89.99 you get the buffer, tube, and 5 or 6 position stock. Sometimes they have free shipping on this kit.

    On both Anderson lower + Palmetto lower kits I've built, I had slight fitment issues (grip not seating perfectly, pins(trigger and hammer) sometimes really DON'T want to slide through and the bolt release was sticking)

    Great video and good explanation. Keep up the good work!

  4. I recently got one, feels very good and cannot wait to take it to the range, also btw Kondition1 what is that song in the backround it sounds like progressive, i must have the name! please!

  5. That lower is forged by the same company that forges the colt m4 . The rest is done on a machine owned by the individual company using the same machines.

  6. Anderson started only threading their holes for the pistol grip to 3/4" deep because they said that there was a possibility that the standard 1" grip screw, when screwed all the way in, could interfere with the trigger group. A 3/4" long screw fits perfectly. Or you can do as you did using a spacer. You could also tap the threads deeper, or just cut the standard 1" screw off. Strangely enough, my Spikes Tactical LPK came with a 3/4" screw.

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  8. Very good video, Kondition1. I learned from you that I can buy a solid second lower AND an excellent trigger for about $100. Palmetto State Armory "Trigger Group Upgrade"? And Anderson for the lower, right?

  9. Nice review. You're right about the finish being crap on the Anderson lower. I've actually purchased some as brand new non-blems that already had spots touched up with paint or magic marker on arrival. You're better off spending a few bucks more if you want something with a quality finish.

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