7.62×39 AR15 Function Test – Slow Motion PPU SPRN, Wolf SP and Ho…

AR15 Performance 16″ Barrel w/ mid-length gas
Lewis Machine & Tool Enhanced Bolt
Model1 Sales enhanced firing pin : See below for chrono results and other information…

I performed a cursory function test for three different commercial loadings using the Casio ZR-100 camera and the Shooting Chrony Alpha chronometer. All video clips were filmed at 1,000 frames per second.

Prvi Partizan 123 gr. Soft Point Round Nose – 2440 fps, 2442 fps, 2497 fps, 2451 fps, 2469 fps. (Note: This ammunition is MALIGNED by the internet community and I purchased it almost entirely out of panic in January of 2013. I was fully expecting failure to feed every time, however, it actually functioned very nicely; I experienced zero failures. My sample size was very limited (fifteen rounds), however, so I reserve the right to change my mind in the future – but this stuff does not appear to be as bad as ARFCOM led me to believe.)

Wolf 154 gr. Soft Point – 2124 fps, 2122 fps, 2150 fps, 2122 fps, 2148 fps. (Note: I had VERY high hopes for this ammunition, but I experienced a high rate of failure to fire with this ammunition. It could be that I simply have a bad batch, an old batch or maybe a Timney 4# trigger module just doesn’t have the lagniappe to pop comblock berdan primers, but the enhanced firing pin was leaving nice, deep dimples and the ammunition failed to go bang at a rate of about 25%. As you can see, some instances of short-stroking. Pretty disappointing. It will be very difficult for me to ever put much faith in these cartridges)

EDIT: July 9, 2013 – I now run this upper with a JP Fire Control System trigger using the duty spring kit. With the Timney 4# trigger, berdan primed ammunition would ignite about 70% of the time, which was unacceptable for hunting or home defense. With the JP trigger, I have had one misfire in 120 rounds; I’m willing to assume that was a bad primer.

Hornady 123 gr. SST – 2265 fps, 2250 fps, 2267 fps, 2271 fps, 2259 fps. (Note: This ammunition was clearly the most functional. I will purchase more when I see it. If you have a 7.62×39 AR15, so should you.)

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  1. I've noticed that most of the 16" 7.62 barrels use carbine length gas systems, where in 5.56/.223 they use mid. Have you had any cycling issues with the mid-length? It seems a mid-length gas system would be best in a 7.62 AR as it would cause less stress on the bolt, which seems to be the weak point. Thanks!!

  2. Nice video, if anything it seems to be slightly under-gassed (although most 7.62x39mm rifles tend to be over-gassed) if you pay close attention to the 
    ejection pattern, if it is lower than the 4/5 O' Clock position that usually
    means it is under-gassed.

    While the AR-15 platform was never designed for the Soviet era x39mm round
    it can be made to work reliably in a non AK/SKS platform like the Stoner/AR-15
    platform…The AR-15 platform is much more accurate than any AK-47/SKS rifle
    that I have tried Including milled receiver AK's and SKS's.

    While the AK/SKS platform is generally very reliable overall, the accuracy level
    is mediocre at best even with the best built AK's and SKS's of the day.

    My son has a milled and all chromed out Yugo type 59/66 (considered to be
    among the best SKS's made) and it would not hit accurately much past 60
    yards with any ammo tried so far…very disappointing to say the least…The
    reliability though is 100%, go figure…

  3. Seems to me if you want reliability in a 7.62×39 you should use a Russian AK platform and not an AR which are known to have reliability issues to begin with.

    Just buy a fucking Saiga or Arsenal AK and you won't need to buy a separate name brand trigger, name brand barrel, name brand bolt, name brand grip, name brand rails, name brand stock and whatever else you need to get the damn thing to work.

    My AK eats any ammo I throw into it, I did a trigger job on it that is about 3 pound pull, it is zeroed in and accurate.  When the shit hits the fan I won't worry about it jamming… I will hit what I shoot at without wasting a lot of money on unneeded junk.

  4. Hi Paul, have you shot any ammo with the lacker(green sealent) on the AR platform? And how has it worked with steal cases?

  5. Nice, i got here by your amazon post about the video, only to be further impressed by your rifle. Thank you for a look of what the footage looks like. By the way i have a couple of questions what editor did you use? And what format does the camera film in. Thanks again.  

  6. Nathan: If my response came across as snarky in any way it was unintentional. I've just read so much stuff on the internet about x39 ARs that has turned out to be complete B.S. that I would heavily encourage anyone to believe their own "lying eyes" than some expert on Arfcom. Or some random dude on YouTube…

  7. thanks for the reply and i was only asking, not implying that i already knew.

    good to know about the hornaday

  8. Nathan: I have not slugged this barrel, but Harrison Beener at AR15 Performance has confirmed that his bores are, indeed, 0.31 rather than 0.308. I have measured both the 7.62×39 Hornady SST and 7.62×39 Hornady Zmax (which are exactly the same bullet, only one has a neon green ballistic tip) with an old set of "analog" calipers; they appear to be 0.31". I would encourage you to do the same before you believe anything you read on the internet, but the Hornady SST is great stuff for x39, IMO.

  9. do you know if the bore is .308 or .311 as most 7.62×39 is .311

    also do you know the diameter of the Hornady as i already know the other two are .311 and not .308

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