7 62×39 Caliber AR Carbine Review

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: The Windham Weaponry SRC 7.62×39 AR Carbine Review Looking into the details of this rifle and issues to address with the AR in 7.62×39 caliber.

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37 thoughts on “7 62×39 Caliber AR Carbine Review”

  1. Looks good to go no Jammy no soft fire nice carbine to exactly what I want 762 upper for my wife just picked up a lower not only cheaper ammo but more hard-hitting no forward assist

  2. of the 7.62×39 ar's windham seems most reliable out of the box and relatively inexpensive $800. however the bolt isn't lastly as long as ak bolts due to fitting in ar platform around 2-3k rounds. a cheap $600 wasr10 last 10k or more $1k vepr ak far beyond 10k rounds. windham really needs to release ak74 5.45×39m variant that would shine better in the ar platform

  3. Thanks scootch, I've always rely on your videos in making many decisions on a build of any type. You are cut & to the point, very knowledgeable in your topics.

  4. if you want a very nice mill spec ar in 762×39 with a .7 to 1moa accuracy and life time warranty then get a Bear creek arsenal one. I bought one and love it. cost 500 shipped. forget building one, for what they are offering just buy one done with a warranty. they are bad ass but you will feel recoil. i shoot steel wolf and have no problems.

  5. i have this rifle and im looking for a new trigger group, can i use standard ar triggers and what do u suggest

  6. I have owned a Windham 7.62 x 39 for about a year and have fired thousands of rounds through this rifle with absolutely no issues it is my favorite of all my A R s

  7. i built a ar stoner in 762×39 with there mags it shoots flawless not one hickup feed every round

  8. Thanks for the video. Picked one of these up for $499 new. Going to try a Franklin Binary trigger in it.

  9. Hardened Arms the worlds best 762×39 Ar15 they were the first to solve any & all 762×39 issues while the rest followed. Nice Video

  10. who really uses brass cased 762×39 lol i mean tula and wolf is rea?ly the only stuff stocked around here , I'd have to order the good brass cased stuff to be able to use it

  11. After using 6 different mag.s with jams I discovered the Stoner 30 rd. mag.s & solved the problem.Love my custom Bushmaster 7.62 x 39.

  12. This rifle has serious benefits. Here in Maryland we have limited options and I purchased one of these as a range toy. It has all the optical / modularity of the AR15 (and its simplicity). With the power and capacity of the AKM/7.62x39mm round without the rocker mags. It looks dumb but who cares its a TOOL. After firing a few hundred rounds and stripping it down, I decided this will become my car rifle I throw in the back of my vehicle in case I shit goes down one day.
    This is not a range toy, I have had no issues with it in thousands of rounds. If the bolt breaks I will deal with it then but all these people saying the bolt will break on these is purely theoretical. In practice I have not found anyone with Windham-manufacture SRCs having ANY PROBLEMS whatsoever. Quickly became my favorite rifle to shoot and throw a TA33 with a x39mm reticle and you have an amazingly versatile tool.

  13. AR noob question: Could I buy a bare bones AR like this and replace parts to better support the 7.62 caliber? I don't have the funds to buy kits and tools to build my own so starting with a template like this Windham seems the best route.

  14. i have a windham weaponry ar 15 src 7.62×39 and i have had 2 light primer strikes out of 300 rounds so far other then that it has been a perfect gun

  15. Another gun maker that doesn't get it, with another gun tester that doesn't get it. What is the point of having an AR converted to 7.62×39 if we are not offered iron sights calibrated for the 7.62×39 cartridge so we can hit our target at 100,200,300, 400, and 500 yards?
    Optics and flip-sights calibrated for the 223 do not cut it! Neither does this rifle.

  16. I have that windham rifle,,,,,flawless. Works every time…..use c company magazines,,,iv had great luck with them……for 762 in an AR this is a good choice

  17. Not happy with this purchase from Cabela's….
    Had to send rifle back to Windham after taking to shooting range. Failure to feed, double feed and nose diving. Using 6 D&H mags with red army steel and fiocchi brass ammo. Tons of play in mag well. Very disappointed. Bolt action would've been a better purchase the way this rifle was acting up.
    Will get back to you once they repair.

  18. I'm not a fan of 7.62x39mm AR-15s. The corrosive ammo is bad for the DIGS operation. Piston ARs are better if 7.62x39mm use. .300 Blackout was partially designed to match the ballistics of the 7.62x39mm so I rather trust my life with a .300 BO AR-15 over a 7.62mm Soviet AR.

  19. Was telling the owner of my local indoor range that I bought a POF Puritan in 7.62 x 39 and he told me that he had one of the Windham Weaponry ARs chambered in 7.62 x 39, so I decided to watch your video.
    Looks like we'll have fun shooting those rifles together, they both appear to be sweet rifles.

  20. i live in California the troy 10/ 30 mags hold the 762×39 fine Cuz it doesn't have an anti tilt follower. it only holds 5 but I wonder if a regular 30 rnd troy would work with more ammo

  21. hey sootch can you recommend a DISCREET bag for this or similar sized rifles that won't scream I'm lugging a rifle

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