80% Lower AR15 How to Complete Machining Easy Jig Drill Press Rou…

How to complete the machining and milling on an AR-15 80% lower receiver using an Easy Jig, drill press and router. If you want to skip past the tools, materials and jig set up and get right to viewing the machining and milling go to time 5:30 in the video. English subtitles (closed captions) have been added to the video and can be viewed with the “CC” button. There is also a video on how to install a complete lower parts kit and buttstock assembly here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuBemu1bhj4
Here are times for the various parts of the video:

0:00 – Tools and Materials
3:04 – Jig Assembly
5:30 – Trigger pocket drilling
6:32 – Rear pocket drilling
7:06 – Preparing the jig for machining
8:48 – Trigger pocket machining and milling
12:42 – Rear pocket machining and milling
13:43 – Trigger slot machining
16:15 – Drilling the safety selector, trigger and hammer pin holes
17:07 – Final fitting and clean up of the completed receiver

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24 thoughts on “80% Lower AR15 How to Complete Machining Easy Jig Drill Press Rou…”

  1. 80percents,
    Waaay beyond awesome, sir!! I'm also learning much in your many answers to specific build q's posted here so thank you very much for this additional wealth of info sharing.

  2. This is the very best tutorial for drilling out a 80% Arms Lower using the AR-15 Easy Jig. My lower came out perfect on my very first attempt ever. You can't go wrong with this detail and tips in the video.

  3. So when u start milling are you putting it in a hole before u start passing it or are you passing it above and around the holes? This has me stuck

  4. Hey man, great video. Can you tell me what size and brand drill press you used as well as the height of the easy jig when drilling? I am trying to decide on a drill press to buy but I don't have the easy jig yet or a place where I can test out multiple drill presses. Thanks a lot.

  5. This is a very instructional video. Thank you for uploading. I have a few suggestions to add though. I would definitely use cutting fluid with any tool in aluminum, especially the end mill. Aluminum has its way of welding to the tool when it gets hot and ruining your end mill. Fluid will prevent this. It will also give you a better surface finish. Also, when drilling deep holes like this, you should frequently retract the drill completely to clear the chips. This will make the operation much easier on the tool and the drill press.

  6. THERE IS NO SETTING OF 2000 RPM ON THE ROUTER YOU ARE USING, I ASSUME YOU MEANT TO SAY "SET ROUTER TO 20000" LOL, but best tutorial i have seen,thanks

  7. How does the pockets you drill out hold up Since it's not anodized? If you have to pay to get it Anodized anyways wouldnt it be better just to buy a raw non anodized lower?

  8. Im missing a hole towards the rear of my lower. I drilled out the trigger hole, but all finished pics show a round hole centered towards the rear. how dod i complete this step….and where in the manual is tis step located…???? frame 12:40 in this video showed what I'm talking about

  9. My buddy gave me an 80%. I used my Leblond Makino CNC mill to complete it. Fun project. Now I want to make a billet one.

  10. Excellent advice on the router portion.  Did you say 2K RPM?  Seems low.  I wish I had watched this video before doing mine.  I got by alright, but it could have been a lot cleaner using your lower increment of depth final passes technique.  That's a very clean lower you have, excellent work!

  11. thanks to your video i was able to leave my first lower nearly perfect, it literally looks as if it was cnc machined.

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