Accurizing the AR-15 – Part 4: Assembling the Upper Receiver

Josh, Mike, and Nick complete the final assembly of their accurized AR-15 upper receiver. Details are provided regarding accurized installation of the gas block, handguard, muzzle device, and bubble level.

7 thoughts on “Accurizing the AR-15 – Part 4: Assembling the Upper Receiver”

  1. I have 2 Criterion barrels on builds I did. One SS 18in .308 that does 3/8in. 5 shot groups @100yrd with handloads, and the other .223wylde chrome-lined that does 1/2in 5 shot groups @ 100yrd. Great Quality Barrels!

  2. I would like to see the groupings from this rifle in a video. Im starting to buy parts for a spr type build and a good barrel is the next part to buy.

  3. I've got one of Criterion's Hybrid barrels with nitriding. Great quality and seriously accurate. It is (for now) better than I am. For the money and even for much more I've yet to see a better barrel for the AR15/AR10 platforms.

  4. Took the plunge and just bought the Hybrid cl. The nitrated ss looked awesome too. Man what a hard choice. Thanks learned a lot from this series. Thanks.

  5. I wish you had made note of the difference in upper clamping. Your series is of course awesome because you guys know what you are doing but its easy when explaining things to someone to blow past something thinking it is just second hand. I watched pretty closely when I saw the pivot pin style upper vise block being used hoping you would not be putting any kind of torque on it and was not surprised when it transitioned to a reaction rod style. Also think you could have done a whole video discussing 10 platform guns in regards to bolts and varying problems they often times face. I get lots of looks with my 6.5 krieger barreled AR and people for some reason seem amazed that it shoots consistently or dependably….guess I am just lucky.

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