AMEND 2 – Durability Test – AR15 – 30 Round mag
Tried and true 30 round heavy duty polymer magazine, designed for the AR-15, M4, and M16 platform. These mags are tough. They have an anti-tilt super follower and come with a heavy duty non-memory, non-corrosive spring. They are designed and manufactured in the USA, where we’re proud to use 100% American parts and craftsmanship!
Put these mags to the test. We would love you hear your feedback.
Well, what ya waitin’ for? Go out and getcha’ some!

12 thoughts on “AMEND 2 – Durability Test – AR15 – 30 Round mag”

  1. I bought 5 nine months ago. Half of them started puking most of the mag when bumped or barely disturbed. Noticed the top of the mags have started to spread slightly. Just enough to allow spontanious unloading. Hiccups like that are unacceptable. May be fine for range day, but I wouldnt recommend leaving them fully loaded, or depend on them if s.h.t.f.! Emailed Amend 2 a month ago and have yet to get a reply. Just got a bunch of stainless FN mags. Can't go wrong there.

  2. Eyes & ears, guys. And why the fuck are you shooting in such a populated area? I'm pretty sure that's illegal and I'm positive it's not safe for anyone.

  3. with the recent increase in mag prices i guess i need to buy some of these ……
    every week

  4. ran this —- over….dude I hope you educate yourself on your product! I actually love these mags…but this coming out of YOUR mouth of all people….sheeeesh!

  5. I wish we could see video of the people inside that truck stop freaking out when they hear you spamming off rounds back there..

  6. I cringe when people call magazines "clips" @4:18. It seems to be a decent product, may have to try a few out. Keep up the good work guys!

  7. Just got two. They look nice. Base plate is on the bulky side. Very sharp edges. Think troy has the slickest polymer mag baseplate. Amend 2 has great anti tilt follower.

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