AR-15 Accessories: Don’t over do it.

Had to remake the old one because of audio problems.

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  1. What I do not get , and I see this over and over, is bad levers, amby crap all over , and yet a crappy trigger? Best money spent on an ar, the trigger, the barrel, and flote the hand guard.
    Why is it that everyone drops so much cash on all the crap that will not help you shoot better every round is beyond me? But what ever.

  2. do you have any exsperenced with nitecore flashlights? I want to mount mine up buy the flash hinder but have heard it will destroy flashlights :p

  3. I have a scope on all of my rifles,,where we shoot is only bench.So the scope works best for me. I'm in my 60s also.We have 2 second rule also so NO rapid fire….But i go shoot as much as i can.

  4. I was thinking about going with a traditional scope and 45° off set sights. The problem I see w/this, is that I wouldn't be able to see thru the scope at night, even though I love the magnification of a traditional scope. So, then I was thinking I could hang Acog 3-4 times magnification on my two ARs, still using the offset iron, pop-up sights, but the cost would be almost 3000 to do both rifles. Is there anything out there that is on par w/the Acog, that is magnified, but has a much lower sticker price? I also like the fact that the Acog, is battery free. This alone would save alot of hassle and money, over the years. I have a 3x magnifyer, but it's big, bulky, takes up tons of rail space and adds weight to my rifle. Basically, it's (magnifyer) an unecessary pain in the rear, even w/ a quick release, I have to carry the bulky thing in my pack.

  5. And with the non magnification sight, it being up further let's you have a bigger sight picture not just through the sight but around it. quicker target acquisition, quicker switching between targets, seeing in behind the threat incase the is innocent bystanders, and so on. I know you said some of this but I re said it and added some lol. let the trolls come… buy I agree with you bro, just can't watch it all, I'm up to late and I'm on meds because of surgery I've ha. it's 5:05 am uhhhhhhh

  6. +BassFishingFrenzy Biggest trolls and so called "debates" i see are from people who advocate the purchase and use of cheaper items versus actual quality equipment for a little more money. My personal favorites for the "I'm a derp" line of comments include:

    1) you dont need iron sights, when are you going to use them?
    2) lol flashlight on a gun, it will give away your position and
    3) you spent how much on your optic? what an idiot.

    I am an advocate of putting things on my weapon that will last through thick and thin, spending a little extra now will make a difference in the long run no matter what kind of shooting people do. 

    So what do you think about people who like to try to buy "complete budget guns" for 400 bucks and stick a walmart red dot on top and claim that it shoots as well as any 1000+ dollar AR? Like you said, there is so much in the shooting world that can be debated, that you can learn from, but how do you actually get the proper knowledge across to people too ignorant to absorb it? 

  7. hey dude, i saw your milspec style, it's pretty good. the things is though you need to add some organic carlessness flowing arrogance to it instead of just rigid discipline. unless, you heaven't fully masterd the rigid discipline…then by all means continue. now, to see what i mean about careless flowing arrogance, watch 80's and 90's mil/action movies. rambo. commando, aliens (2nd one), beverly hills cop, transformers, etc… to get the curve that compliments the line, this will enable you to higher ability…think one handed jumo rolling through the ari by lauching yourself off the concussion of a grenade thrown at you and you rotate in the air and shoot toward your attacker which is now at your 'feet' though your are horizontal while your other hand reaeches for purchase as you cartwheel to a landing …still firing in all directions at your enemies and beating them all….see, and do tht with safety on safety off. ; p

  8. A.R.M.S. sights are durable as shit. Positive latches keep em down and simple spring tension keeps em upright so they don't snap off if you inadvertently slam into them. I'd say switch the front sight and flashlight around to keep that longer sight radius. Everything else is spot on.

  9. good idea to have or keep a box stock A2 around, that way you remain familiar with what you may have to use someday. if you have a brake and not a flash hider i would sugest setting the lite back an inch or so to get it out of the presure wave, that way the brake works better and the lite will be there when you need it. lot of people wouldent matter but if you shoot a lot or take any classes, 1000rds with a good brake will do a number on anything in that blast zone. like the videos!

  10. Thank you for your service sir, I'm shipping to boot camp in about a year. And yes, you make a good point about flip-up sights, unless you get a tried and true brand like Magpul or Troy, I won't buy them. But from my experiences, Magpul is as solid as a rock, but that still doesn't mean they won't fail.

  11. Thanks for trolling bro! 🙂 And I explained exactly why in the video about why its more efficient to have the optic (unless its a magnified optic) farther up on the receiver. Clearly you didn't watch the video.

  12. SureFire, Streamlight, Fenix, and Inforce. There are also plenty of smaller companies like Olight that make high quality products.

  13. unfortunately, some rifles are build heavier than others. When I look for a light rifle, I make sure the barrel is NOT a M4, bull, or heavy profile. I really don't mind a M4 profile barrel but if you want to be as light as possible a good way to start is to exclude those profiles and get a light weight hand guard.

  14. Amen to that (video title), my rifle is uncomfortabley heavy and I really don't have a lot on it.

  15. lol, don't get me wrong if the rifle is just for looks and to show off to you're friends than by all means put all the stuff you want on it:) lol Thanks for watching!

  16. Cool nice to have sound this time LOl.. Your dead on man. But what fun is that. Its fun to put all kinds of stuff on my guns lol. Jking I just have iron sight on mine. I need a light tho. Thanks Brother. God Bless.

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