AR-15 Accessories: Do’s and Don’ts PART 3
In Part 3 we talk slings, anti-walk pins, and lasers.
00:44 – Slings, 5:23 – Anti-Walk/Anti-Rotation Pins, 8:17 – Lasers
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Build lists
FDE BCM Rifle:
BCM 16″ Mid-length BFH upper w/ Daniel Defense 12.0 lite rail
BCM lower w/ Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard
BCM Auto Bolt Carrier Group
BCM Mod1 Pistol Grip
BCM Gunfighter Mod4 Charging Handle:
Burris Fullfield TAC30 1-4x24mm
QD Swivel Endplate w/ swivel
Elzetta ZRX Flashlight Mount
KAC Micro Rear BUIS
KAC Micro Front BUIS
KNS AntiWalk Pins
Magpul CTR Buttstock
Magpul Rail Ladder Covers
Rail Mount Sling w/ swivel
RRA Hi-Rise Cantilever Scope Mount Rock
River Arms Single Stage Trigger
Standard A2 Flash Hider
Streamlight PolyTac LED
Viking VTAC Sling padded

OD BCM Rifle:
BCM 16″ Mid-length BFH upper w/ LaRue 12″ Rail
BCM lower w/ Magpul Enhanced Trigger Guard
BCM Gunfighter Mod4 Charging Handle
Battlecomp 2.0 compensator
ALG ACT Trigger
Spikes Tactical Mil-Spec BCG and Bolt – Nickel Boron
Aimpoint T-1 – 2MOA w/ LaRue QD Mount
GG&G Back Up Iron Sights GG&G QD Endplate w/ swivel
KNS Gen2Mod2 Antiwalk Pins
Magpul BAD lever
Magpul CTR Buttstock
Magpul Rail Ladder Covers
Magpul MIAD Pistol Grip
Magpul RVG Vert Grip (cut)
Streamlight PolyTac LED
Viking VTAC Sling padded
VLTOR Light Mount Black

Bushmaster Rifle:
Bushmaster M4A3 16″ Carbine
Aimpoint CompM2 (no longer produced)
Aimpoint Killflash
Badger Tactical Charging Handle Latch
GG&G Cantilever Optic Mount
Impact Weapons Components SMC 1″ Light Mount
Magpul BAD lever
Magpul MBUS Gen2 Rear Sight
Magpul BAD lever
Magpul MOE Buttstock
Magpul Carbine Length Handguard
Magpul MOE Pistol Grip
Magpul MVG Vert Grip
Spikes Tactical ST-T2 Buffer
Standard A2 Flash Hider
Surefire G2X Pro LED Light
Unknown Single Point Sling
QD Swivel Endplate w/ swivel

21 thoughts on “AR-15 Accessories: Do’s and Don’ts PART 3”

  1. You talk about "visible" laser beams? Aren't lasers only normally visible in dusty or smokey environments?

  2. Tlr 2 HL G works really well… tested it on my mossberg 930 , and AR and its not that bad for 300!

  3. Also sling is handy when switching to secondary ….(everyone doesn't have money or balls to just drop them in competition) (also lot better video when you present oppinions as oppinions?)

  4. Your making a do or don’t video but then you have a absolute piece of shit Bushmaster AR. ????? You Fucking dump ass. Lol obviously you have no military experience.

  5. How did you cut down the magpul vertical grip? I’m looking to do that, but want to make sure it’s straight. Thanks.

  6. What do you think about the one point sling you can strap to your vest ? It is only about 5" long, made of paracord and I love it when traipsing through the woods because the weight is carried on the entire vest.Does not hit you anywhere you don't want it to:-) No one can take it from you, but you do need to be wearing a tactical vest with an attachment. Use a single-point when not wearing a tactical vest.

  7. I'm building my first ar15. My forend doesn't have a heat shield on the bottom, and I experienced my friend's getting very hot. Do they sell heat shields somewhere? I'm getting a forward grip anyways but I don't know if that will help

  8. I see lasers as more of a novelty than an actual practical accessory. Any usefulness a laser might provide can be done better by something else. I have a laser on my AR only because it came as part of the flash light I bought. It's like getting an engraving on your lower or a cool paint job, doesn't actually provide any tactical advantage in my opinion, it just looks nifty.

  9. I play airsoft and the way i use my sling is i got a one point for being able to go through corners more quickly then i got a QD atatchment in the front of my gun that i have attached the other end of to my belt with paracord and with that i can either sling it on my back and secure it or to my side this have worked out great for me so far.
    So i see you have a magpul front there is it good or not? why? i mean it is going to be lighter than any RIS on the market and yet it suports all the atachments you could want right?
    I have also heard that great quality polymer is goung to hold up better than metal because it flexes instead of bending or breaking.

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