AR-15 Build: Lower Parts Kit

The Palmetto State Armory Classic LPK is what I’m using for this build.

9 thoughts on “AR-15 Build: Lower Parts Kit”

  1. I am putting it together right now! Your videos are so helpful. I will do a video response when im done

  2. Glad it helped you! I made this video because I had the same fear when I started, glad I wasn't alone 😉

  3. Stag is good to I just went for this one because of the lower price but I think it turned out just as good. I also just uploaded the lower build if you want to see it:)

  4. Nice, I purchased a Stag LPK for when I do my build. Very nice video! I look forward to the rest of it!

  5. I just got the lower parts kit from them for 46.00 after shipping that's a great price for there labor day sell.

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