AR-15 Complete Build (Anderson Lower & Hardened Arms Upper)

AR-15 Complete Build (Anderson Lower & Hardened Arms Upper)
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I finally completed my AR-15. Essentially, the Upper comes from Hardened Arms, the lower from Anderson Rifles with a Spike Tactical internals, the sights are MBUS Gen 2 from Magpul and the optic is a Vortex SPARC II Red Dot. Although, the upper is kind of heavy and the quad rail is sharp, I am really happy with the final product . Thanks for watching and God bless!



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43 thoughts on “AR-15 Complete Build (Anderson Lower & Hardened Arms Upper)”

  1. adjectiveadjective: hardened1. having become or been made hard or harder."hardened steel"strengthened or made secure against attack, especially by nuclear weapons."the silos are hardened against air attack"2. experienced in a particular job or activity and therefore not easily upset by its more unpleasant aspects."hardened police officers"
    hard·ened – ?härdnd

  2. I'm looking at the hardened arms as we speak. What twist barrel did you buy? What kind of pattern were you able to get? Thanks

  3. I ordered my RF 16" SOCOM upper with the bcg and ch a few hours ago. Can't wait to click it onto my psa moe edition upper!! So stoked.

  4. Good video bro. I love my Sparc ii.I'm planning my third build and was curious about Hardened Arms. Seems decent to me.

  5. Harness or Hardensed Arms? You're killing me on the mispronunciation, "Hardened Arms." Other than that good looking ar15. I was surprised with my first purchase from Hardened Arms that I had to purchase a second upper for my pistol build. Good stuff!

  6. Nice gun, I love my Hardened Arms 300 upper.  I have a Vortex SPARC and Strike Fire, and you can't beat them for the price.

  7. Hello thanks for the video, so no changing springs or firing pins with this rifle ??? (came with the BCG and CH?) I'm thinking of doing a build, would you recommend this upper? Thanks again

  8. Did you have any problems with re feeding the rounds or any fine tuning? Also what buffer were you running? Thank you

  9. Sweet AR build nice job and don't worry you'll probably be building another one soon lol I've been researching the vortex sparc II i think that's what i may go with

  10. When u poster your first AR build video I recommended the vortex sparc II, not sure if I was an influence but I'm glad u got it, can't beat that warranty! Also, the night setting is awesome because it shrinks down the red dot to a very small 2MOA if I remember correctly. It's great for precision shooting and low light conditions. Let us know how you like it once u shoot!

  11. Looks awesome Brother! That's the great thing about building your own rifle. You make it the way you want it from the beginning. There is so many different things out there for the AR that customizing it to your liking is pretty easy.

  12. Great build my friend!!! You don't need to break the bank to have a good rifle… And make sure you rap the thumb over the top operator style, LOL…. I know the Marine Corp didn't teach you that… Semper Fi

  13. Very nice AR Colonel! I just built a plain jane AR, but with that one you are a YouTube operator for sure..LOL!

  14. Nice build. I've been happy with the Anderson lowers I've gotten as well as spikes lower parts kits.

  15. i think your going to like the vortex optic.  I'm happy with my gen 1.

    The anderson lowers can be had between 65 and 85 bucks depending on the vendor.  I picked one up yesterday at the lgs to replace the polymer lower i broke this weekend.

    Be careful when you torque your new muzzle device on the barrel.  Your a marine if you go all hulk smash on it, it is possible to warp the upper receiver. There are some great instructional guides on how to properly attach a muzzle device.  The -10 and -20 tm for the m16 is online but i find the civilian installation guides more enjoyable to read. Six years reading technical manuals was enough for me.

    how much does the rifle weigh?

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