AR-15 Delta Ring Install & Removal How to Guide

How to remove or install an AR-15 Delta Ring Assembly. You will need a set of snap ring pliers.

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28 thoughts on “AR-15 Delta Ring Install & Removal How to Guide”

  1. my delta ring looks a little crooked. should i just hammer it back a bit? either it was installed crooked or it moved somehow.

  2. TheRealCobraBurnout Great vid, I have two m&p 15's from s&w it annoys the hell outta me that on one of them has a weaker weld spring than the other any tips? It holds on the handguard fine but it's obvious when you take the handguard off each rifle that one has much less spring tension and has a bit of play while the other doesn't.

  3. I'm looking to replace mine with something smaller and would fit better with my new rail. anybody know what I can replace it with?

  4. I need help, I'm new to the AR 15 world and I have a Ruger 556, I'd like to put free floating quad rail on it but it has the threaded delta ring, am I able to take off the old delta ring and at a new one to for the rails?

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