AR-15 Flash Hider Shootout

We’ve captured photos AND light meter readings of 32 popular flash hiders for AR-15s or other .223/5.56 firearms threaded 1/2×28!

Full write-up on TTAG here:

Big thanks to Sharp Shooting Indoor Range & Gun Shop for not only loaning me a few of these FHs, but for shutting down one of their bays and turning the lights off, allowing me to run this test in a perfectly-consistent, dark environment. They carry many of the muzzle devices you see here plus hundreds of firearms & other parts & gear: or 509.535.4444.

Flash hiders, compensators, brakes, and hybrid muzzle devices seen in this video (and they’re in alphabetical order in the video also, except for the two baselines/controls) include:

Baselines of A2 Birdcage and Bare Muzzle
2A Armament T3 Compensator
AAC Blackout FH
Battlecomp 2.0
BCM Compensator MOD 1
Black Rain Ordnance Flash Suppressor
Black River Tactical Covert Comp
Daniel Defense Superior Suppression Device Extended
DoubleStar Dragon
Griffin Armament M4SD Flash Comp
JP Enterprises FH
King Armory KA-1222A
Knight’s Armament MAMS
Knight’s Armament Triple Tap
Lantac Dragon
Liberty Suppressors Mystic X
Manticore Arms Eclipse FH
Precision Armament AFAB-556 Hybrid Muzzle Brake
Precision Armament EFAB Hybrid Muzzle Brake
Primary Weapons Systems FSC556
RISE Armament Razor Brake
Seekins Precision FH
Smith / CMMG Vortex FH
Spike’s Tactical Dynacomp Extreme
Strike Industries J-Comp
Strike Industries Venom FH
Tactical Advantage Armory Titanium FH
Troy 3-Prong FH
Troy Claymore
Troy Medieval FH
Witt Machine Directional Brake w/ Spiral Shield
Yankee Hill Machine Phantom 5C2

29 thoughts on “AR-15 Flash Hider Shootout”

  1. why you did you test the Krinkov / bulgarian flash hider ?
    as I know, alot of militarises uses it in a battle. I think they know what are they used…

  2. Nice work! Its surprising to me that some of these manufacturers still sell flash hiders that have huge muzzle blasts. It's one thing if it should be a muzzle break and defined and sold as such (if it works like one). But if it doesn't work as a flash hider then how do these companies let this product represent them. I love that the A2 Birdcage is still one of the best, if not the best since it also acts as a decent compensator. All depends on what you want , right?

  3. Awesome testing !! thanks for putting in the time and energy to do this.I have two questions:1. I saw that the winner for flash suppression was the JP Enterprise.  What I wanted to know was if there was any extremely loud or ringing sounds after each shot? 2. I noticed that the Strike Industries flash suppressor did well, but a few people have told me that there is a terribly loud ringing after each shot.  Was that true?Please help …

  4. Outstanding performance from the JP and AAC! I'm glad I bought an AAC Miter Flash Suppressor. I wonder how the B.E Meyers would do.

  5. Precision Arms EFAB does well here and also serves as a muzzle brake/compensator. How many other flash hiders work as brakes and compensators?

  6. You didn't do any Surefire. Do the Surefire SFMB-556 and the Surefire Warcomp Flash Hider/Muzzle Brakee Compensator. All in 5.56 of course. Also what kind of ammo where you using? I think some of the real military grade ammo out there has flash retardent/suppressant in it.

  7. wait a minute…the bare muzzle was 10760 LuX but the "DoubleStar Dragon" was 17900 LuX???  seriously, how is that possible???  did someone at DoubleStar not get the memo about what flash hiders are supposed to do?

  8. JP Enterprises CHEATED!!! They have a 3 gram Black Hole hidden in there 😉
    Less ambient light than broad daylight WOW!!! 😀

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