How to make your scope and rifle FIT YOU. A properly fitting rifle and scope combo will put you on target quicker, feel better and give you less eye fatigue. If you like this video, subscribe because we plan to make more HOW-TO shooting vids in the future.

7 thoughts on “AR-15, MAKE YOUR SCOPE FIT YOU”

  1. . . . and you should have the scope at the highest zoom when you check the eye relief.

  2. You DON"T want the scope to hang over the charging handle…..You need room to jack the charging handle !!   (Personal experience)

  3. You are correct and very observant. A "chamber" flag that occupies the chamber and a few inches of the bore, is much more safe than any mechanical safety. Also, as you probably know, if the trigger of an AR15 / M16, is pulled and drops the hammer on an empty chamber to relieve hammer spring pressure, the safety CANNOT be put on safe. And that is how the Army stores their weapons.

  4. There's a chamber flag in the rifle, safety won't do anything if the bolt can't even close.

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