AR-15 Pistol Muzzle Brake by Field Sport, SLIM Krinkov Style Inst…

This is the final stage of the AR-15 Pistol Build. Installation of the Field Sport 223 Slim Krinkov Style Muzzle Brake and the test of the Pistol as a functioning unit. Lot’s of fun testing this beast out. I will do a video finalizing my thoughts on this piece of Machinery.


22 thoughts on “AR-15 Pistol Muzzle Brake by Field Sport, SLIM Krinkov Style Inst…”

  1. I really dig this build. I've watched all of your videos on this rig, and since I have a couple of stripped lowers coming, I think I know what I'm doing with one of them. Really like that the gun is parted up with budget parts for the "everyman". Plagiarism is Policy. Earned that sub for sure.

  2. This is reassuring. I'm building a pistol in 300 BLK and ordered one on eBay for $21. It came with a crush washer and is also heavy. Heck, it even came in the same kind of plastic bag.

  3. had the same thing happened with my 762 model it wouldn't go down no matter which Crush Washer I used had to settle for straight up 12 oclock with The Wirecutter

  4. Nice…..I hope you didnt make your wife wash that plate….I yet to see an AR pistol at an range..

  5. I've noticed it gives less felt reverberation and percussion from the rear and makes sharp cracking noise outdoors atleast. it does make it almost hearing safe for the shooter on a 12.5"+, great for a shtf gun as there will not be enough time to grab ear pros.

  6. i just ordered this for my ar pistol. my pistol is short stroking and not picking up the next round. running the 3oz buffer too. 🙁

  7. that's the problem with the ar-15/.223 pistols is the guass leaving to early , that's what you use a muzzle booster( " gauss compressor to increase reliability and rifle function") the slicker bolt for function and a heavy/heavier recoil spring to slow the figher rate

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