AR-15 Stuck cartridge problem

I got a brand new Interarms AR-15, but quickly discovered that many of the cartridges would not seat and would actually get stuck in the chamber. I did measure the neck sizes, and they were on the large side, but fed fine through my Mini-14.
After polishing the chamber with some automotive rubbing compound, I was able to get most of the rounds to feed properly. Hopefully with more shooting, the chamber will loosen up some more.
If anyone has any suggestions, please post a comment.

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  1. I know this video is around around 7 years old. I had this same problem and at 1:17 You can see from the case mouth that the case was resized or if it was not properly.

  2. Thanks for posting this!!! Bought some reloaded ammo and had the same jam. Used a box of factory ammo and it ran through my AR just fine!!

  3. Pretty sure the problem is that the coal is too long on your reloads. Did you try any factory ammo before you polished the chamber? And yes one gun could handle a cartridge with a longer coal while another gun may not. That is part of the reason that reloads can be so accurate… because you can load the cartridge so that the bullet sits just off the lands of your barrel. Most barrels have the lands in slightly different places.
    The reason why I say its the coal is because you had bullets get pulled from the reloaded cartridges as you extracted the cartridges.

  4. Thank You for posting this. I am just starting to reload for my AR tomorrow. (I set up my Dies today, I always do a few with no primer and no powder to make sure they cycle in the gun before I make a live round to test. My cases are all trimmed and re-sized but I will watch for a problem like that.

    I would like to ask you a question. I have been looking at Ruger Mini 14's and I wonder with you owning both which one do you like the best the Mini 14 or the Ar?

  5. I got a new bergera barrel 16 nitride mid-length gas.  I have the same problem but only with Steel Cased Tula.  Its like out of a box of 20 half do that.  I have shot a few hundred rounds through it I borrowed the gun to a friend who took it camping and he and others shot at least a 100 rounds through it.  Not one issue with Brass Winchester or any brass ammo only with the Tula Steel cased.  I think if people are having this issue first make sure your head space is good then maybe get some sandpaper or steel wool and polish and sand out the chamber a bit.  Check the chamber with your finger nail to see if it has any gouges.  IDK why but steel cased ammo has some issues in some ar's tula especilally.  So like you did maybe start with a 320 grit or 600 grit sand paper and some oil and go up to 2000 grit auto sandpaper slowly and it should get rid of the issue

  6. Stuck cases in AR platform can happen when the case shoulder is not pushed back during reloading. Setting up your dies per the factory instructions are a good starting point but you need to verify for every rifle to be sure.

  7. So I bought this box of what I thought was factory XM193 at a gun show and this happened to me with one box but not any rounds of a box from walmart, so I was very confused and then notice the box from the gun show had been clued shot and I presume the fucker sold me reloads and passed them off as factory. Now I know to check for this sorry shit from now on.

  8. Good video man!  Your probably the only one, who made a video on AR-15's that have a cartridge that is stuck.  Thanks!!!  

  9. Check to see if your loading 5.56 rounds into a .223 barrel. If so then that could be your problem. Also, if your using reloaded rounds, you may not have debuted the neck enough, or forget to resize the neck/shoulder.

  10. I think in my case it was a little of both. The tolerances were really tight and the rounds were probably not resized very well or trimmed. My new reloads with a new die seems to work very well now. Hope you fix your problem.

  11. Yup, that is what this problem turned out to be. The reloads I had were made by someone else and apparently their dies were worn out, or set wrong. Glad this helped 🙂

  12. I reloaded 223 for my ar and had the same problem and even ran them through a mini and they worked fine. Problem was my sizing die wasn't set right and got a case gauge to verify each load, a must for 223/556. My reloads are flawless and don't stick at all now. Thanks for the video.

  13. Try taking the upper off and use a cleaning rod (preferably an aluminum one) and tap the casing out through the muzzle. Might save you a trip to the smith 🙂 Good luck.

  14. Mine is doing the same thing, but now I can't even pull my charging handle to the rear to get the bolt back and the round out. The round is expended, it's just the cartridge that's stuck in the chamber. I oiled it up and I'm gonna let it sit for a little bit. If that doesn't work then I'm going to have to take it to a gun smith. SO FRUSTRATING!!!!

  15. Good to know. My problem was definitely the reloads I used. I did not suspect them because they feed through my mini-14 fine, but the AR has tighter tolerances so it did not like the reloads. I have fed about 200 rounds of different factory and new reloads since I made this video and they all fed fine.

  16. I had the very same problem with my DSA lower I built. I bought a prebuilt new Bushmaster AR 15 20" predator upper. Same feed problem was present. Unknown to me, during the build the disconnector spring fell out of the top trigger assembly. This was the cause for making the rifle to jam after a single shot. After installing a new spring the jamming issue cleared up with out the need to do and polishing.

  17. Sound like a machining problem. They should replace it for you. If you can't take it/send it back to the dealer, RR should be able replace it for you direct from the corporate office. If they don't it would make a good rant video. Good luck.

  18. i got the same problem, i bought a brand new RockRiver A4 upper, right out of the box ammo dont fully seat, i cleaned it good, i bought new brass cased ammo, Winchester, Remington, Fedral rounds, all new ammo gets stuck????? i'm so pissed of right now.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fucken cost me $700 bucks for a peice of SHIT upper

  19. WOW, those are good prices, even if they were in US $. ARs in the US are going for crazy money. A "no name" AR that usually goes for about $700 is going for twice or three times thant right now…that is if you can even find one for sale. I have all the guns I want to buy for now. But if I find a good deal, I would probably buy another one 🙂

  20. ok i bought a norinmco m14 and chambered an empty brass that had expanded a bit and was worried i scratched up the walls it has a chrome lined chamber but i can see lines there but looking uder a magnifying glass they appear to be just chatter from when they would have reamed it to size. the case i used didnt sustain any damage so I'm going to assume my chambers ok. btw I'm in canada 700$ norinco ar15's (restricted) and 425 $ m14's. plus we have a new rifle for this summer the qbz 97 bull pup.

  21. I have shot factory 5.56 and .223 out of them fine. The problem was probably that the reloads I got from 20 years ago were not properly resized. Either old worn out dies, or just the necks were resized.

  22. Sorry I forgot to reply to this comment. So far, it has functioned fine with factory ammo 5.56 or .223. I am guessing it was just my reloads not being resized properly.

  23. Is that rifle a .223 chamber? If it is and you're trying to use a 5.56 casing that could be your problem. 5.56 and .223 casings are NOT the same dimensions.

  24. It's not the reloads. I have a DTI Echo 316 and I just found out mine is doing it. I've been clambering brand new factory Hornady 556 and it does it. I chambered some steel cart. Wolf 223 and it had no problem. And yes, my barrel is stamped 556 NATO. I have cleaned it and cleaned it and still it does it.

  25. I don't know any gunsmiths in my area and I could have sent it to interarms because they were in town, but I didn't want to have to wait for it. It was a pretty easy fix and I learned something in the process.

  26. I would have just taken mine to a gunsmith the ones near me tend to fix stuff like that for free depending how long it takes

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