AR-15 Uppers and Lower: What’s legal?

I am NOT a lawyer, so do not take anything in this video as legal advice. Consult an attorney for legal issues in your area.

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  2. Are pistol uppers required to go through an ffl if "intended" to be built into a pistol or do they ship direct to the individual?

  3. I asked my ffl sold me my lower as a receiver I checked today so I can put a pistol brace on it?

  4. I bought a stripped ar15 lower receiver the ffl said I had to fill out the pistol form for it I told him I was building a rifle he said the atf said when buying a stripped lower they need to be a pistol form I have not built it in fear of it being a sbr

  5. I live in Maryland. Am I allowed to purchase an AR15 Pistol(without the 30 round mag) online and have it transferred to a Maryland FFL for pickup?

  6. A couple of your statements are either wrong or just outdated u can shoulder a sig brace and u can go from a pistol to a rifle just not the other way

  7. TheGunCollective has some great law related videos related to firearms in the US, for anyone who may be interested.
    >Thought crime
    Retarded laws. The NFA really ought to be taken off the books. Thanks for the upload.

  8. When you buy a receiver and have it registered, you can mark it "rifle", "pistol", or "other". If you mark it "other", can't you make it into whatever you want?

  9. What about a 80% lower you finished yourself, it has no serial ## , is it legal, can you take it out of your house? And if i buy a lower from a private seller and build it into a pistol is that legal?

  10. Bunch of unenforceable bs rules, shoot it how you want to shoot it, and if you built it , you can switch between rifle & pistol uppers as many times as you want, who will know? Unless you admit to changing it , you can do what you want. And alot of people shoulder ar pistols with a brace.

  11. INCORRECT at 14:00. You are going way overboard with the "constructive Intent" BS. Also can shoulder a sig brace.

  12. Thanks man I actually own my own ar15 for like maybe three years. I love it, I bought a lower lower but don't know what my first built is going to be. I am kind of curious into finding out the laws which U did explain…. which do you prefer as a ar15 for the house close quarters?

  13. Well presented.Im a 20'' bbl. fan for 5.56×45,all the powder burns and it reaches on out.(alot quieter than m4 config.) Great vid! SSG.(ret.)13B 45D 88M.

  14. I see what you are trying to say and so far I follow, but will the doofuss police understand all this mumbo jumbo or even care to?

  15. pretty sure you can build a pistol into a rifle just not rifle into pistol or it becomes SBR plus you can shoulder a brace legally its use does not define its intended purpose just make sure its from SB tactical like sig brace NOT THE BLADE  nice collection though

  16. @FortWorthColtGuy – Glad I came across this video. All of my research affirms your presentation of what the laws are. Being I have not consulted an attorney I like hearing from others who have the same understanding of the law as I do. I have seven AR-15s of which three are pistols, none registered as an SBR. Sometimes I get a bit uneasy thinking what if I am wrong about a particular element of the law. Anyway I think I am legal, at least I have been told I am legal by many knowledgeable gun owners.

  17. what is to know about these receivers that are purchased at gun shows that don't have serial numbers.

  18. You're wrong at 6:40. A pistol lower CAN become a rifle lower. Now, a rifle lower can't be made into a pistol according to the ATF.

  19. If you're stupid enough to write to the ATF asking for permission to shoulder a brace then you deserve to go to jail.

  20. Thank you for putting this information out there for people
    to easily understand. I get sick of hearing misinformation everywhere and hearing
    the same response every time I show someone a AR pistol. I always hear “That’s
    not legal” or “Hope you have a stamp for that”. I believe someone has already
    commented and my past research has also shown that if the AR pistols OAL is
    greater than 26 inches a VFG is legal. I believe in most cases a AR pistol
    owner is going to know the laws better than the everyday police officer, just
    in case there ever was a issue with a officer. I suggest that a owner with a AR
    pistol should print out the specific laws that apply to what you have on the
    pistol and carry the ATF ruling papers that came with the pistol brace also. I
    carry my papers in a magazine pocket in my gun case. Legal gun owners don’t
    like the silly laws, but also don’t want to risk losing their gun ownership
    rights. So unless you’re doing something completely stupid, I’d think that having
    some paperwork showing that you’re knowledgeable about the law and following
    the law would only help to ease any suspicion by someone less informed. The
    legal gun community has a obligation to do what’s right, set a good example and
    stay within the current law. We also have a obligation to fight and change the gun
    laws that are unconstitutional. It took me a lot of time and researching to
    figure out exactly what you summed up in your video. Thank you very much for posting
    it. Knowledge is power.

  21. An m16 trigger pack or auto bolt carrier in your spar parts box can get you in trouble also.

  22. goid information, thank you for helping others understand what can be confusing and intimidating. but how can we get the laws changed? the nfa was a long time ago my friends and hasn't budged a bit! there are other options to being oppressed and having rights" infringed upon" only the wealthy have a chance to affect change in the laws and courts. the poor remain subject to the will of others until they decide not to as a group.

  23. Since the AR platform is now essentially a Lego™ set, it seems like it would be much better to simply repeal the NFA & GCA. They do nothing to reduce violent crime anyway. In the meantime, I'll take the distasteful option of keeping my barrels at least 16". The idea of an AR pistol seems rather peculiar to me. Maybe it's just a clever way to get around being an SBR.

  24. Video started out good, but then tailed off giving slightly incorrect information.

    1. Any rifle barrel can be 16 and beyond, but also 14.5 barrel with muzzle device that is pinned and welded to a total length of 16" is legal as well.

    2. Pistols can be reclassified as NFA sbrs but not regular rifles, and rifles can not be turned into pistols.

    3. Constructive intent only applies to complete lower and upper receivers. If you have paperwork in the hole, or incomplete parts it can't be applied.

    4. Please don't ever say inner city criminals with machine guns again. Thats bullshit i live in Baltimore and know alot of criminals, ive never met one with an actual machine gun. They just think and call semi autos machine guns or automatics. They get their knowledge about guns from anti gun advocates who dont know the difference between a bolt or break action.

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