AR-47 (BCA 47 Standard AR-15 Complete Upper)

An Overview of the First AR-47 on the channel. BCA 47 Standard AR-15 Complete Upper Assembly 7.62×39

Link Use code 704tactical for 5% off and Free shipping Call if code is invalid×39-ar-15-complete-upper-assembly-ua762chb16110-p-shg-fs

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20 thoughts on “AR-47 (BCA 47 Standard AR-15 Complete Upper)”

  1. Just recently finished a build with this upper and it worked flawlessly. Completely satisfied with it. Good luck finding the magazines for it though ??

  2. A proper mag will NOT malfunction feeding or other wise. 7.62×39 AR is not new like evenone seems to think. Colt did it 20 years ago i have one pre ban A2 runs perfectly never ever had one issue it will run anything! The mags were done proper. Get a C product's mag it will run all day long same as the original colts.
    Find it funny why would you want a 7.62? Umm better round for killing anything than the 556..most common round in the world? Just a few small reasons! Knocks over a 210 pound Russian boar like a steel target every time ive shot one! 556 wont come close to that.

  3. I bought myself one for Christmas ! 199.99 out the door ! I want to put a FGS hand guard on it. These are good, but you really have to twist your wrist to grasp it.

  4. Yeah, Bear Creek Arsenal is an awesome company with very very good quality parts, I love all there products, I've bought 3 BCG's from BCA and they all work flawlessly as well as other products I have purchased from BCA, if you don't know about BCA then you need to, they make some great rifles at competitive price points and carry all kinds of great accessories for all your gun lovin needs, with even better prices then most, so when you get a chance , go to there website and check them out, if your a gun lover and you got the build bug then get on over to Bear Creek Arsenal website, you would be doing your self a favor.

  5. just to let everyone know we purchase the BCa side charging A.R. 15 in 7.6 2X 39 with heavy profile barrel and 12 inch key mod Handguard. we called their customer service about the 704 tactical discount code and were told that it has expired. so instead of getting the upper for$285 and free shipping, we paid$310. just FYI folks,, Let you know if it was worth it.

  6. What weight buffer are you running? Standard 3.0? 4.8oz is a good idea. I have a 5.2 I am going to give a whirl to. The 3.0 is OK. I have 2 PSA uppers using PSA lowers. Both of mine are mid length gas systems. Buffalo Trading makes a nice looking thick walled bolt. They sell 2 different ones. One is chrome plated. I stocked up on them. They use a standard no extended firing pin. I have not tested them yet. He was telling me a standard thin wall will only last to 5000rds. ASC's are pure shit mags. C products defense are the best I have found so far. (COME ON MAGPUL!!!) I used one of your cheapo red dots on mine and touched 3 rounds @ 60yds touching each other with Tula.

  7. Thats Badass man!? I'm glad to see it's reliable man……I just picked up the Sharps 25-45 upper for hunting…only downside is the availability of ammo

  8. I just bought a month ago a Radical firearms 7.62×39 HBAR 12 in key mod from primary arms on sale for 159 bucks and a bear creek bolt for 59 bucks and they both run great. One C products 10 round mag is pretty finicky (wont feed all the way up so the bolt grabs the shell) but the 20 and thirty rounder run zero problems! 1.5 inch groups at 100 yards!!

  9. cool vid, my hubby wants one now! in your next video, can you put a decent scope on it, and see if it is more accurate than an AK-47? thanks 704!

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