AR15 300 Blackout Custom Budget Build: VLTOR Weapons Systems Uppe…

Here is a high level overview of my fully custom built by yours truly AR15 300 Blackout. Heres some parts specs:

Lover Receiver: S&W MP15
Trigger and lower parts kit: CMMG
Buttstock: Magpul PRS Sniper”
Barrel: AR Stoner 1:9 Twist SS
Grip: UTG
Sights: Aluminum UTG
Quad Rail: UTG Duracoated flat
Bolt & Carrier: DPMS
Firing Pin: Titanium DPMS
Buffer Tube & Spring: Advanced Technology MILSPEC

22 thoughts on “AR15 300 Blackout Custom Budget Build: VLTOR Weapons Systems Uppe…”

  1. everyone has their own style with ARs. No need to trash talk it. We would all have look alike rifles if we could right? I wouldn't call it budget build though lol.

  2. A benchrest gun with iron sights is like having a carbon fiber wing on a front wheel drive car…. Looks awesome, but wholly impractical for its intended use.
    Be a big kid, build an AR10 in 6.5 and get some good glass…..then you cant start benchrest shooting

  3. Why oh why would you put that stock on a .300 AAC rifle…..all it adds to that rifle is cost and weight.

  4. Love me some .300BLK. My 7.5" upper (on a pistol build) with an A2 birdcage flash hider has never put any fire out the barrel. What ammo are you using that puts a fireball out of a barrel/muzzle device combo that long? Now that I have a suppressor on it, it doesn't even have much smoke coming out. My OAL is around 14" or so.

    No matter the rest, you have a beautiful rifle there. Very good looking. How does it shoot? I've gotten some good patterns from 50 yards walking it in, but I don't have access to a bench rest, so I couldn't give measured accuracy on my pistol. Using a bipod, my 16" carbine (also a .300BLK) gets around MOA accuracy or just under. In both cases, I use 125gr SMK running about 2,200 fps.

  5. i wouldnt have made it a sniper type gun even though 300 work really well with suppressors. reason being is the range of the 300. but its a good choice for mid to short rang. good stopping power.

  6. I agree with the others who have stated that this isn't really a budget gun. On top of that you went expensive in the areas that don't really need it and cheap in the areas that needed more money spent on them. Half the stuff on there you just put because "it's cool"

  7. can I put a freefloat handrail on my ar15 if I have a big block gas there a way to change that?

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