AR15 Accessories/Slings/Optics/Attachments: Viewer Request

Merry Christmas! Keep the viewer requests coming!
M1 Surplus Christmas Sale:
M1 Surplus AR15/AK Packages:

List of everything mentioned:
Trinity force 1-4x28mm Tactical Scope (M1Surplus)
Sight Mark Sure Shot Red Dot Sight
FireField 2.5-10 Scope With Red Laser
CMMG 22 Evolution Conversion Bolt (Gen 1)
Midwest Industries HK Style Front Sight (Amazon)
ATAC Single Point Sling
Single Point Sling Base Plate (Amazon/ebay)
Magpul MBUS (Amazon/ebay)
Bipod Pic Rail Adapter (Amazon/ebay)
Blackhawk! 6-9 Traverse and Pivot Bipod
FireField Quad Rail
CAA Foregrip
Falcon Industries Ergo Pistol Grip
Caldwell Brass Catcher (Amazon)
Magpul Rail Covers (Amazon)

Firearm: DPMS Oracle (AR 15 Variant)

One thought on “AR15 Accessories/Slings/Optics/Attachments: Viewer Request”

  1. Damn son straight ChinAR. I joke.

    I loved your statement about Iron sights. 90% of ARs out there are fun range toys. Now some have them set up for home defense. Others for other purposes BUT, real talk; most ARs are toys. I have Irons only because if something where every to happened and my dot broke i'd have one.

    I''ve had many debates with range nerds about ARs. They have M&Ps tricked with a Geislle rail, over done over sized charging handle and UBR stock and so on. all of that is completely unnecessary for like everyone, really.

    The only thing you really need to spend money on, if your building your own are as follows: barrel, BCG, Optic. Everything else you can get away with the basic run o' the mill stuff.

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