AR15 Handguards (7 of 8): Rail Accessories

Rail Accessories

AR15 Handguard Review 7 of 8

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Standard Lengths
Military Style
Non-Military Style

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Two 16″ Barrels Compared
More Comparisons

Part 3 of 8
Free Floating Barrels
Non-Free Floating

Part 4 of 8
Handguard Anatomy

Part 5 of 8
Why Rails ?

Part 6 of 8
Carry Handle Rail Options

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Rail Covers

AR15 Buyers Guide


19 thoughts on “AR15 Handguards (7 of 8): Rail Accessories”

  1. i thumb'd up because you safety checked your firearm and sub'd for all the info your sharing, great video

  2. I think you're looking at the rail covers. All the notches are exactly the same size. On some of them he has rail covers on them to make it more comfortable to grip. they come off very easy if you need to utilize the rail.


  3. i can only imagine the 1 dislike is a CoD fanboy having a mad cry because there was no hart beat sensor attachment!

  4. Hey what's your opinion of the Midwest Industries SS series of handguards? I'm thinking of putting one on my Stag arms… Your opinion would be greatly appreciated…

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