AR15: Harris Bipod Adapter Install by TheGearTester

This is a how to video. In it I show the step by step process of installing a harris bipod adapter sling swivel into the front stock of an AR 15. Watch the video! Subscribe for more quality video reviews of shooting, camping and survival gear.

8 thoughts on “AR15: Harris Bipod Adapter Install by TheGearTester”

  1. Your father should have pulled out. You're sloppy and I think you might be slightly retarded.

  2. I bought the Harris HB5 adapter and bi-pod. The HB5 adapter is apparently for the round hand grips. I have a Magpul MOE hand grip, not the M-Lok series, and the inner metal channel is too small for the adapter to sit flush. I found if you install the plate with the screw threads facing down the swivel will still thread the plate, with the threads up it's too far away. I did not have to file my hand grip which I cringed at with this video. Tightened it down with a leather-man with an Allen key in the hole. The bi-pod installed perfectly. We put 200 rounds downrange with out any issues.

  3. I need help, I want to use the hole for a sling swivel hole at the end of the bottom of the rail. I have midwest industries m lok but using the hole at the end is my plan. I have lots of holes for slings. what adapter fits on both sides of the circle hole?

  4. You seem to be sloppy in how you are attaching the adapter. I can imagine those pliers are gouging the stud pretty badly.

  5. Instead of filing your hand guard, you could flip that piece the other direction. so that the plate sits with the flat side against the inside of the hand guard. Probably how it was intended. You can also use a small screw driver into he hole of the QD point so that you don't scratch it up with pliers..

  6. You know iwc makes a sling swivel adapter for that handguard to mount a bipod that doesn't require modifying your handguard right?

  7. Thanks for pointing this item out. I use the MOE hand guards, too. It's good to know this adapter exists.

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