AR15 “Long-range” Shooting with Primary Arms 1-6×24 scope

This is the furthest I have gotten to shoot my AR since I got my Primary Arms scope a few months back. It has markings that are calibrated for the .223/5.56 round. It was pretty difficult getting a stable shooting platform without going prone. Yes, I know this isn’t considered long range for most people and I hope to return to this location and push the range even further. It was nevertheless a ton of fun.

One thought on “AR15 “Long-range” Shooting with Primary Arms 1-6×24 scope”

  1. 300m kneeling and hitting you are doing alright we shoot an 18" target 200m kneeling. For reference (canadian miliary competitive rifle issue ar and 3.4x elcan isssue ball ammo) we shoot up to 500m (~550yard) everything past 200m is prone usually. We used to shoot a sniper match at nationals that went to 800m but the bullet drop was so extreme (~21ft) they reduced the 556 template to 600m. The round also goes subsonic around 700m. At 500m reliable hits on man size torso no problem my pb was 36/40 in a 14" circle.

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