AR15 Must Have Replacement Parts

AR15 Rifles are a Functioning machine. Parts ware out and break. I was asked by a viewer a few weeks back on what I thought were essential parts that should be on hand. Here is my list of stuff

20 thoughts on “AR15 Must Have Replacement Parts”

  1. I  love  ya  brother ,  Love  the  videos  … but    The  thought  of  your  big  white  ass ,  I  kinda  threw  up  in  my  mouth  … lol

  2. hold on I had to pause this video cause I see you now have a glock sir lol just a week ago you said you didn't have one. good choice now I like your channel some more.let me get back to this video lol carry on sir

  3. I have a couple kits untouched in boxes incase something breaks. Might build another because you can never have enough guns.

  4. Agreed! I've built countless ARs lately, replaced standard parts and such, so I have enough parts to put together another lower, so I probably will soon.

  5. I just found and bought an Anderson lower yesterday. I too was out celebrating the election. Good info kotaboy! Thank you.

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