AR15 Pistol Evolution Part 2. FDE receivers and buffer tube by Ae…

This video was recorded long before the word smiths at the ATF found a new meaning for the word “redesign”, declaring their intention to prosecute for illegal SBR manufacture the shouldering of the Sig Brace. See this later video:

Flat Dark Earth Cerakoted receivers and buffer tube by AeroPrecision with Midwest Industries SSK Keymod handguard and flat Dark Earth SB15. The total cost of the build minus the optic was $1069. Money could be saved in buying a complete upper, though pistol uppers are harder to come buy. JoeBobOutfitters had a basic Spikes upper with standard FSB for $529.95 with BCG. Palmetto State Armory sells one without BCG with a 12″ upper and standard FSB for only $399.

Checkout for great prices in barrels. The VooDoo Innovations barrel I am using is currently only $180 after shipping. It’s a 1:7 twist 11.5″ Melonited barrel that only weighs 1.274 lbs.

All parts from back to front:
• SB15 arm brace in FDE – $128
• Aero Precision desert FDE pistol buffer tube – $32
• Spikes heavy buffer spring – $10
• Carbine weight buffer – $10
• Magpul MIAD grip FDE – $30
• Rock river LPK – $50
• YHM large takedown pins – $20
• Fail Zero NIBX coated hammer – $20
• BCM gunfighter charging handle (large) – $44
• Spikes standard m16 bolt carrier group – $135
• Aero Precision blemished upper receiver desert FDE – $63
• Aero Precision trigger guard – $21
• Aero Precision lower desert FDE – $93
• Aero Precision forward assist – $8
• Rock River dust cover – $8
• Midwest Industries SSK Keymod 10.5″ handguard FDE – $145
• VooDoo Innovations 11.5″ light pistol barrel – $170
• AAC shorty compensator – $64
• Magpul rail covers – $18

• Holosun PARALOW HS403A Red Dot – $170

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14 thoughts on “AR15 Pistol Evolution Part 2. FDE receivers and buffer tube by Ae…”

  1. I just built a PSA AR15 with magpul accessories. I am debating weather cerakoting my upper, lower & handguard or just doing my handguard. Your pistol looks sick. Have you took it out shooting?

  2. I cant find those rail covers anywhere.  Do you know where I can find them.  I looked on and got nothing.  Maybe im a idiot.  

  3. I agree. I definitely need to work on trigger pull. I try to give no expert opinions on shooting technique as I am very light on technique.

  4. Looks good. Mine is just boring black. I just built a twelve inch because I was worried about reliability, I also used the kak buffer tube set, with the included spring and buffer. And a fn barrel. So far the first 200 or so rounds have ran great, with 3:30 ejection and Softer shooting than my rock river 16 inch carbine.

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