Ar15 pistol sb tactical pdw brace with echo trigger 2

Fostech advise me that the little lip on the trigger lock is not needed just fyi

40 thoughts on “Ar15 pistol sb tactical pdw brace with echo trigger 2”

  1. Double Tap Triggers $199 .. works FLAWLESSLY in both my Aero Percision carbine and 7.5" platforms ??

  2. Thanks i just purchased a all grey DB AR pistol can’t wait to fire it Your mods are sick same way I want to set mine up with that echo trigger

  3. I don't mean to be rude, but is that an apartment? If so, I'd push you to save your money for real estate. Although, when I spent $8,000 on a new roof, I thought "Gah, do you know how much firepower I could get with that??" No hate.

  4. That thing is GORGEOUS!!! Dude for real though I love the skeletonized pieces

  5. Nice set up spend a Lil more and get the strike industry sidewinder offset sights for a cleaner look…

  6. oooo i was wondering if the Non-Rotating Pins where fine to use with a echo trigger you got one so i guess its fine!

  7. first pistol is almost like my build, i revommend getting low profile sights since you got red dot sigh. second pistol trash the sights and little scope buy a sig sauer romeo 5

  8. Two really nice builds. Amazingly clean color fill on both and that color combo on the Spikes is awesome. You gotta love Strike Industries, their stuff is quality and can't be beat for the price. And it looks good as hell too. Nice job man, have fun at the range!

  9. I really like that red/black pistol grip. How do you like it? Great video on an awesome gun!

  10. How do you do your color fill? I used nail polish and nail polish remover, but the nail polish remover jacked up the black finish. I'm looking for a different method. Thanks.

  11. Frostech has excellent customer service when you call ask for Pete he's very helpful

  12. awesome AR pistol build….very nice job….love the color combo as well as the echo trigger and brace

  13. Cool pistol! That little tooth didn't have any function and is no longer a part of the design, so you should be good! Enjoy!

  14. Nice looking pistol, man. Check out my latest few videos…I think you'll like them. Look at them on your phone for full effect…and move the phone around!

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