AR15 Upper Parts List for a Custom 3-Gun Rifle


Be sure and see my Playlist containing the whole series of building this custom AR15.

Upper: Black Rain Ordnance Billet Gen 1: Item# BRO-MUR-1

16″ DEZ Arms 1-8 Twist Military contour barrel: Item #: 425086M6MG

Oversized Tactical Charging Handle Latch:

Rock River Arms Bolt Carrier Group, purchased from


Troy Industries Free Float Tube: BattleRail TRX Extreme 13″

Engraved Dust Cover:

Larue Scope Mount: SPR-S Mount LT158

Bresser TrueView Konig 1-4×24 Scope: P/N HRS1424-KON
Found it on Midway USA:

YHM Gas Block: P/N YHM-9384

JP Enterprises Tactical Compensator: P/N JPTRE-2

36 thoughts on “AR15 Upper Parts List for a Custom 3-Gun Rifle”

  1. Just building my first rifle and with all the videos and information out there I didn't have much patience for people who wanted to sound technical or smarter than they are, or the worst is the badass tactical guy with deep voice telling u you're a piece of shit if u didn't buy his choice. Good vid, I honestly didn't know what a forward assist was or where it was until this vid, so thanks..

  2. i would use a thompson bull barrel. I really do not mind the weight. i work out and i can haul around a 10 pound loaded rifle. i do ascending sets of straight punches with 2-20 lb weights

  3. how have you found the 'chrome plated' carrier? Has it held out ok, and is this better/same as a nickel boron? (Boron is supposed to clean very easily and 'self lube', although I would never run a competition rig dry)

  4. Lots I think. I've never built one but the lower, upper, barrel and BCG are different for sure. I would not be surprised that almost all of it are different.

  5. Thanks! Stop by my channel page when you can. I have some links you may find useful on the right hand side of the page. I'll post videos early on the Blog page.

  6. Ideally you want to get a 556 barrel. The 556 ammo if loaded a bit hotter than 223 and the chambers for both are cut a little different. AS a general rule is will be safe to shoot both 223 and 556 in a barrel that is marked 556. But it may be dangerous to shoot 556 in a 223 barrel. The pressure may cause some damage to the gun or to the shooter. Try and get a 556 barrel.

  7. Hey I have a question about that upper. THe website lists it as a 223 upper but what is an 5.56 bolt and barrel were used? would you still be limited to 223?

  8. i have an a2 grip that's been on 3 lowers. dam thing keeps showing up in my parts box and getting built into a new lower. 6 months later i replace it with a better grip and the whole process starts over again.

  9. LOL! That what happened to the bumpfire stock I recently got. I said… "hey, I got an extra lower lying around and some upper parts too" About $300 later…. whole new rifle.

  10. I spoke with Mr!MOA here on YouTube and he said it was a 1x. Plus I know some one personally that is a glass snob and he was very impressed with it. I may have to get one just because 🙂

  11. the mamba is high on my the list because swfa includes a mount. i think it is a good value. how close is it to a true 1x? I'm using a cheap 1.25-4x that i found at the fun show.

  12. Love it. However, I did pick up another one and the optics were jacked up. The whole thing fish bowled when you looked through it. I returned it for a refund. Have you seen the "Optisan 1-4×24 Mamba / EAR30 Mount Combo" from SWFA DAWT com? Looks like a nice scope and MR1MOA has done a short review on it and is looking into a follow up.

  13. A stripped upper has nothing at all. That is what I started with. You want a complete upper (barrel etc and already put together). However, read the small print and make sure it says "with bolt carrier group (BCG) and charging handle". an upper that is complete with the BCG needs nothing done to it other than put it on your lower on it. It is ready to shoot.

  14. If your on a budget, look at Delton. For the money they are pretty nice. You can get a compete upper ready to put on your lower for a descent price.

  15. Hey love the video. I'm new to building my own ar15s. I just ordered a complete lower receiver and I'm scared to order uppers because i dont know what all i need for it. Can you help me out

  16. @empire12369 I knew I would be putting a comp on the barrel and the added length makes the rifle tough to move through the shoot houses. Plus I think I would not loose much accuracy with a 16 vs an 18 at 500 yards. I hate getting hung up with the barrel in a window.

  17. Hey thanks for the great videos and keep em coming. Im 14 years old but im going for 3 gun competion Im being trained by a close family friend his name is Scott LaRue, Mark LaRues brother from LaRue Tactical. I was wondering what nessesities I would need for 3 gun? I already have the guns but not sure about accessories, Thanks

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