ARPerformance AR15 6.8SPCII Review


I quick look at the “Hunter” Model 6.8SPC from AR Performance. I use this rifle strictly for hunting since ammo is not as cheap as 223 and it does not make MINOR for 3-Gun anyway. This is pretty much un-edited and non scripted, so view this for the contents and not the quality please.

If you are watching this from a mobile device and not a PC, you might not be able to see the annotations super imposed on the video.

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  1. My nephew wants me to build him a 6.8, he's a captain and an MP in the Air Force. I'm wondering who offers new barrels or whole uppers in 6.8spcll ? Or should I just get a chamber reamer and do it myself?

  2. You can't put a flash suppressor for a 5.56 on a 6.8 SPC2 since they are different thread size and pitch. Flash hiders for 6.8 SP2 will also fit my .308 AR as well. they are interchangeable, but not with my 5.56 upper.

  3. Reload reload reload. Also try the IMR 8208XBr powder with a Hornady Vmax 110grain bullet. Use a heavier primer (Not federal) to avoid a potential "slamfire" 6.8SPC great choice. Amazing round

  4. Let me say. Im a bit of a premadona with my guns. I get a scratch on one, and I cry like a b***ch. Im impressed by how beat up and worn out your gun is. Like a working mans gun that has seen everything . rust on the barrel, filed down ambi. I laughed when you said you changed the trigger and hammer pin because they got worn out! what have you shot like 5000000 rounds though it? I have a feeling you can put the bullet anywhere you want with it with no effort.

  5. Did you have a problem with the ammo in the mags or loading problems. I bought a multi lower,and a upper on the way. Figured I just go buy ten round mags

  6. Could you list the upgrades you have installed.  I was constantly stopping and starting the video to catch all you said but did not seem to work for me. Thanks

    Just as a note, I priced the 6.8 vs .308 ammo and there really was not a big difference in the price per round when purchasing 1000.  

  7. I have been debating whether to get a 6.8SPC AR or an AR10 and I am leaning towards an AR10 only because .308 ammo is still easier to get a hold of than 6.8mm plus a bit cheaper and I can get it nearly anywhere in Minnesota just in case I forget to pack a box of rounds.

  8. @DisableThis1Bitch-"God dammit, it's not a Magpul "Moe" stock, its a god damn acronym, "M", "O", "E". Three letters. Check yo self fool"

    I believe you meant to say abbreviation not acronym. It's a common mistake with the sub-par public education system we have today. So, I'll help you out here so that you might avoid such an embarrassing faux pas in the future.

    An abbreviation is said letter by letter. An example would be: BATF
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  9. I built a 6.8 SPC II that is very much like this one. I was looking for a good "brush gun" to carry in the thick stuff so I wouldn't have to worry about damaging the Winchester .30-30 that has been handed down a few generations to me.

    Building mine from scratch, I went with Wilson Combat for the barrel and BCG and I've been more than pleased with it. I also found that the Hornady 110gr ammo performed exceptionally well. I started working up my own loads and have found that my rifle with 1:11 really likes 100 to 110 gr bullets (your mileage may vary lol). Now I'm working on different powders and different loads, but the CCI 41 primers seem to be just right for most of the loads I've tried so far.

    The buffer I was using was too light and caused some reliability issues. I replaced it with a Spike's Tacticle ST-T2 buffer (tungsten powder filled) and it is a whole new animal, perfect ejection pattern, zero bolt bounce, and just smooooooth!

  10. This year I will be hunting with the 300 blackout. Stop by my Facebook page if you are on it and see the pictures from the project. NicTaylor00 on facebook. Looks like a sweet caliber for hunting. I will post the hunting videos on my youtube hunting channel TexasNative00

  11. If you build an AR in 6.8 then AR Performance is the place to buy the barrel. They got the chamber tweaked in for the best accuracy with hot-loads. Their bolts are the best out there too, $90.00 when you can get them. I read a test report some time ago using several different manufactures 6.8 barrels using Silver State ammo and the AR Performance barrels used in the testing had higher velocities with less pressure then all the other barrels. I was sold on them after that.

  12. Yes, that is the cool thing about it. It only requires a barrel and bolt and magazine change.

    Look at the 300AAC Blackout. It only requires a new barrel. See my video on it for the basics.

  13. Thanks. I get Charles Whitman and Carlos Hathcock mixed up all the time 🙂

    Stop by my other channel TexasNative00 where I recently posted a video of shooting a Javalina with this rifle at 320 meters… on the run. Also, I will be working up some loads for the 300 black out if you want to see more on it.

  14. had the same charging handle on my m16 in afghanistan. switched it out from the military issue. and i can say from experience that in combat that handle doesnt hold up.. mine snapped in about a week. the pin that holds the finger grip to the handle broke. its just aluminum junk. bought a bravo company handle and its a rock. never had another problem

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