ATF Banning AR 15 Ammo Plus Your Civil Rights WeaponsEducation

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  1. One of the big problems is our school system.  Now the schools teach a bunch of liberal crap.  When my daughter was in grade school I reviewed her books at the beginning of every school year.  Finally one year 7th grade I read the Bill of Right.  The 2A was completely perverted and said the feds allowed the states to have a National Guard.  I went to school on that on and was ready for battle.  I don't have your book but I have the Citizen's Rule Book which is close but includes courts also.  I asked her how she was going to approach this gross misstatement of the 2A.  Much to my delight she was a fellow shooter and already had a lesson plan indicating that was only the opinion of one person, however the 2A did not state that.  The National Guard did not come into being for 100 years after the 2A.  It was just a small skirmish but enough of them win a battle.

    Both my wife and I are life members of the NRA.  I'm retired so I go down and protest and photograph when I can.  Nice vid, good luck and I did subscribe.

  2. I like guns, If it weren't for people with guns giving their lives we wouldn't be free today and Trust me i really want to own a gun. But i got to ask this just out of curiosity

    Wouldn't banning guns reduce the chances of the purge happening?


  4. Hey Tom I watch you vids every day for years now. .I am a NRA member and i donate everytime nra calls my phone. I am a lil upset that the nra never brings up or takes to court that New Yorkers have to own a business or carry a ton of money to get a ccw permit. I have a home and target permit but i am not able to carry. Every other state people can carry and we cant. I have not seen the nra ever bring this up. How can i go about bringing this up. I should be able to protect my family when im out of my house just like you can.

  5. I think it's important to get one thing straight here. All this 'you can't shoulder a arm brace' thing is rubbish. It is based upon an open letter written buy an ATF employee that explicitly states it is just an opinion. 

    It's a subtle way to try and control the populace, if everyone ignored it there would be no problem. It isn't even a problem for an individual.

  6. I got an Email back from a Senator that just seemed like a generic copy/paste reply for any email they might receive on any topic regarding firearms/ammo/ second amendment. One line was this…

    "While I oppose efforts to take guns away from law-abiding citizens, I support enforcement of laws that protect our children and our families from gun violence and other criminal activity. Should issues related to the Second Amendment come before the U.S. Senate, I will keep your views in mind."

    Since these laws move through with promise to keep children, law enforcement, citizens safer even though most of it is BS her reply means nothing to me.  Everything is always "for the children, to keep you safer" lies lies lies.

  7. Here you go: Call Barbara Boxer and tell her directly they are violating our rights,@1-202-224-3553; and Tim Kaine @1-202-224-4024. Burn their lines up and egos down.

  8. I agree 100% with what you are saying about what is coming down the line. Everyone is freaking out about the possibility of the new ammo ban. But where were you and everyone else back a year or so ago when they went and banned 5.45×39 ammo. I used to be able to find that all day long in the middle of the Newtown hype for about 15 cent a round. Now it is starting to dry up, because no one cared hell it was only 5.45 who the hell cares it is not like everyone has a rifle in 5.45 right so it is no big deal. Now the 5.56 ban is coming along and it's like if we let this go unchallenged then what will be next? This sounds alot like some people out there only care about their own stuff and to hell with everyone else and if you don't care about their issues you a bad but it is perfectly ok for them not to care if it doesn't directly affect them.

  9. 5.56 & 223 Ammo is sure HARD to find now or EXPENSIVE WOW!!
    $700 for 1000 rounds vs $275!! Holy chit', Even gold does not double and triple overnight.

  10. Tom, you were spectacular in this video. I hope everyone realizes how much you do behind the scenes.  I love you, Tammy

  11. Wrote to my representatives and voted for the petition against the ATF!
    Every gun owner in America should do the same. Like you say "small steps against OUR 2nd Amendment rights". Our government, not theirs but OURS! Should always follow their citizens. We are the government. We the people. Not the elites, big corporations, or off shore motherfuckers!

    Lastly, I feel America will go thru another civil war in the near future. I'm not proposing it or condoning it. The righting is on the walls currently for an upheaval in our political  system. God forbid.

  12. Tom, you have a beautiful family. We are all better for your hard work in protecting them and our rights to protect our families. Thank you and Tammy for your great efforts!

  13. Hi there. I have a problem. I have bought several guns recently 1 shotgun and one automatic rifle. I was told once i owned either of these my dick would automatically grow and extra inch per gun. unfortunately this hasnt happend. Has anyone else experienced this problem??

  14. Thanks Tom,..Done that, wrote them and my rep, and hope it does some good but not holding my breath…we don't have the "pull" like we used to or should,…

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