Ati Omni Hybrid Maxx FAIL! Polymer upper and lower ar15 PAR…

Part 2!!:

Hopefully this problem. Will be fixed by the company, and we will have a good rifle to review. The Takedown pin holes are all messed up. Take a look

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  1. Had one it lasted me a couple months finally broke at the pivot point. Snapped like a twig

  2. Is this a problem because the upper and lower are polymer? Or would it it be the same if it where steel or aluminum or whatever metal it would be

  3. Ever since I've gotten in to building/working on ars, I've noticed AR owners bitch about very easy mechanical procedures. I would take fixing a simple issue on the bench over using several extensions and u-joints in a puddle of transmission fluid any day.

  4. Hey! Guys this is misleading. This is not a failure of operation. This is a QA issue. You should always reach out to the manufacturer before you say such things. I still like the video.

  5. I had a similar problem with one of their rifles. Nothing was right about it. The whole gun was wrong. The barrel wasn't tight ,you could unscrew it by hand. castle nut was loose. The front take down pin was buggered up. trigger spring installed wrong. I replaced their lower with a brand new stripped one. I will NEVER EVER buy another one their products. A real p.o.s. gun

  6. Had a round get stuck in the chamber on the 1st magazine. Shot 100 more rounds after that and it's shooting good so far… Shooting video coming!

  7. I got lucky with mine, the only problem was putting it back together. The front pin was a pain to deal with.

  8. I just got same thing from Grab a Gun $400. My pins are fine. Issues with mine: The flash suppressor is on wrong. The solid area should pointed be down however it points to the right. Easy fix with a crush washer. Other is the bolt hold open is too high using PMags or GI and cant cock bolt back. ATI mag works. Something to figure out. They must have hired the Century Arms monkeys?

  9. UPDATE 03-17-2017 ATI has shipped the gun back to me and is in transit. I should have it some time next week

  10. I bought an ATI Omnimax….traded it for an SKS. I sent it back to be repaired, and still had problems. Strike one, not functioning at purchase, strike two, not repaired after sent back to ATI. I don't hang around for strike three, not when it may be the thing I have to rely on.
    please keep me posted. Subbed!!

  11. I have the exact same problem on mine, except the opposite take down pins. One near the stock popped out like a charm but the other one wont come out at all. No idea how to fix it without beating the hell outta the gun. Kinda sucks too because I've heard so much good shit about this gun and I was really excited to pull it all apart but now I can't even separate the upper and lower.

  12. I bought a Anderson Lower for mine. I want comfortable bout the polymer lower. I didn't like the design. Just buy an aluminum lower and all the components will fit into the aluminum lower cause it is milspec.

  13. i bought the same AR about a month ago at Grabagun also,I was going to take it apart to clean it before going to the range and I have the same problem. Did you call ATI or Grabagun to solve this problem?

  14. I was going to buy the ati for $500 but Georgia gun store has the Smith and Wesson M&P Sport 2 for $500 so I am going to buy that instead. Too much negatives on ATI products.

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