Best VALUE Featureless AR-15 Parts by Strike Industries

This is a look at the Strike Industries Simple Featureless Grip and AR-15 Stock Stop. These two parts together are less than $20 and effectively lock the stock and make the grip featureless. LINKS & DISCOUNT CODE BELOW

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29 thoughts on “Best VALUE Featureless AR-15 Parts by Strike Industries”

  1. Great video. I know it’s been some time since you made this video, but which grip do you like best or recommend. The one one in this video? Or Thordsen grip Gen 3..

  2. Thank you bro! Took your advice exactly and very happy I did. Even cost less than the $15 California is requiring for registration…

  3. Nothing against your video but all that stuff is stupid and ridiculous. And that law is unconstitutional on so many levels. Do not comply.

  4. I'd rather save that money to move out of California. You guys are going to be the first to get invaded anyways with all those weak ass 10 round locked stock,mag locked, fish fin grip AR15's you all got. I'm surprised they don't just limit all CA guns to flint locks and musket balls .

  5. Theres nothing like your own government working hard at keeping there own people weak. So much for building a stronger America. When we all become passive little sheep we will be over run.

  6. Hey man. I really appreciate you making this video. I purchased all of this stuff, but the slot in the simple featureless grip is too narrow for my stag lower. Any advice? I thought all of this stuff was standard/generic. Trying to swap out for my Magpul pistol grip.

  7. Just subscribed new to the channel and guns in general i live in Ca whats the best build i can have for an ar-15 also can i have a bump stock??

  8. Great review on your low budget CA conversion. My problem is I'm left handed and I'm trying to find a solution for a precision riffle bench rest rifle grip. Haven't seen too many out there nor have I been able to handle/shoot one yet. Please keep posting vids, they have really helped me on the route that I plan on going!!!

  9. First of all, Governor Brown did not create or sign any new laws. The Assembly only creates a Bill to amend the penal "code". The Penal "code" is not a law. The people are free, i can prove it, read the California Constitution, right at the top of page 1. All people are free and independent. The uneducated police only enforce by your consent to abide by the code. If you believe you broke the code and you believe the code is real, by all means become a defendant, hire a public pretender in their administrative quasi-court and waive being one of the free people. A real court can only convict the people when there is an actual injury, damages, an actual plaintiff who will stand in court and point you out (not including the dead) and say he broke my arm with a bat, and have impartial witnesses.
    An attempt to apply the code (not law) against the people is a trespass upon the people. The people, that's us, must learn our rights. Require the injured party. Require to see a bill for damages.
    But, the people are products of government free schooling to obey "codes" Everything is a "code". Building codes, vehicle, penal codes, do you ever here of building laws, vehicle laws, never, never. never…

  10. They meaning California, where I was born and raised and will NEVER return. Is the only state where you will loose your 2nd amendment rights if caught. But wait isn't the Federal government the governing body that granted use our 2nd amendment rights by way of the Constitution. California is so fucked up that it's loosing people all the time.

  11. Doing my first build. Thank you for sharing this money saving option. Going to attempt this with an ambidextrous Safety.

  12. Stock Stop is a great idea without buying a whole new fixed stock. I did the same thing with my Magpul U.B.R. by trimming a polymer bicycle tire lever that fit perfectly into the channel. It's held in by one screw. To dress it up, a small piece of black Kydex heated with a heat gun wrapped and trimmed over the gap and fastened by four allen button screws

  13. I like the Strike Shark Fin with the Thumb rest. Just get a Troy Ambi Safety with the shorter right side lever. Works perfect to fire. Regardless of which "Fin" you get, going back on safe is still a pain. But that is less crucial

  14. This is awesome I like the way you feature your ar I interest in doing mine the same way I just ordered the pistol grip cover like that I ready installed the muzzle brake I just need work on my ajustable stock please send me information were I can buy the stock lock like you show in the video also I got cuestión about the magazine released can I just leave my magnet button attached on the magazine release button? Thanks for all your information is so valuable I live in San Diego ca and I want duet everything under law but like most California gun owners I don’t want to register my rifles as on assault rifles thank for the video.

  15. What magazine lock would you recommend? Do the products like the ARMaglock or Patriot Magazine Release count? I've heard different things from different FFLs. Some tell me that all I need is the ARMaglock or PMR, others tell me those will still need to be registered because they're not a truly fixed solution. The guy at one of my ranges told me to just use a screw to create a fixed I have two rifles, I'm thinking going with the Strike Industries featureless parts on one and considering going fixed magazine on the other.

  16. Can you make a video or tell us what features can we add to an AR once we added the maglock?

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