BigGunner81- MFS 223 55GN FMJ Zinc Plated Ammo Review (CHEAP AR15…

BigGunner81- Checking out some cheap, MFS brand .223 Remington Ammo I picked up at Cabelas on sale.

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8 thoughts on “BigGunner81- MFS 223 55GN FMJ Zinc Plated Ammo Review (CHEAP AR15…”

  1. worth noting that the US army tested steel case ammo and found that it meets all their requirements. the only reason they don't issue it is because it is dirtier, but it wasn't ruled out for wartime situations where tons of ammo was needed.

  2. I'm not sure if I missed it in your video but are these bi-metal bullets! I'm seeing them for a reasonable price these days but I need non-magnetic to shoot at an indoor range. Thanks

  3. I bought 500 rounds of this too. It has gone up a little sense that. I just feel it's not worth it. I can get brass case fed or pmc for under 7. Even if you don't reload the brass is worth trading at the gun show. And that brass ammo is much better shooting. If this was 5 a box, I may buy some more. Thanks for the video.

  4. I saw that ammo at Cabelas next time I am there I will pick some up and try it out. Thanks for another good video.

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