Brownells Aluma-Hyde II AR-15 spray coating

How to coat your AR15 or other gun parts using Brownells Aluma-Hyde II aerosol spray coating.

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  1. I used Magpul FDE for an old 6 position stock and grip and it worked great. I may do some old mags too. Saved me a lot of money. I even had Honey installed on my browser and saved $16 shipping .

  2. I'm going to do a polymer lower. I know folks who cerakotes polymer and dips it in acetone for a certain period of time prior to coating. The time depends on the type of polymer etc. The acetone etches into the polymer and makes the cerakote bond extremely well. I would imagine this would work for Alumahyde 2.

  3. keep nozzles clean by turning up side down and spray a couple of time after each coat, thats what i did and it worked great i put 6 coats and heated it for an hour, as it was heating in the oven light a strong aroma candle, and all will thank You,LOL!

  4. FYI. On most spray cans, when your finished with the final coat, turn the can upside down and spray 3-5 seconds. That cleans out the nozzle and keeps it from clogging and causing problems for future use. Something I learned along time ago.

  5. Got my A1 upper and lower baking right now in dark parkerized grey. I hope it turns out ok. Thank you for the video!!!

  6. I used brownelle oven cure finish instead and followed the same directions. Worked out great! To prevent clogging of the tip, shake the can really well since the paint is super thick, mine didn't clog.

  7. Good video! It was direct, to the point and not messed up with a 3 min intro and constant music like many others.

  8. So my tip wouldn't clog while I dried it off after coats, I pull the flat spray tip on a can of brake cleaner and sprayed it to clear the paint. When I put it back on the can of Alumahyde I just gave it a quick spray to clear the brake cleaner if there was any in the nozzle but brake cleaner dries pretty fast so I am sure I didn't have a problem there. I did have try and clog when I was praying and thick globs came out like on your's, I just shook the can more furiously and it seemed to help.

  9. I noticed that you didn't mask off any of the holes, like the trigger/hammer pin holes, or the receiver pin holes.  You also didn't mask the threads where the buffer tube screws in.  Did this cause any problems for you when you assembled the rifle?

  10. Very very nice! Good mic and good narration, you guys make this look easy, which it probably is. I'd love to see more purhaps in other colors or even multi colors.

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