Brownells – Changing An AR-15 Barrel

This video provides a demonstration how to change a barrel on an AR-15 or M-16.

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  1. Dude, show how to use the torque wrench correctly. People are coming here to learn something and you are setting them up for failure. What mickey mouse gunsmith school did you guys go to? "Index right for a good starting point"???? How about index right to over torque something and potentially strip the threads!

  2. One point to make . One the torque wrench you must calculate the correction for the extension of the barrel wrench. Before you complete the front end you need to check the go/no go for the bolt assy. Not what one would expect from Brownells.

  3. No 33ms/aeroshell 64 and improper angle of the torque god,I expect that from an average builder but not a brownells gunsmith. some might say It’s minor mistakes but I’m tired of seeing vids of people giving advise as a pro and are teaching people the wrong install a ar15 barrel isn’t difficult at all but their are a few rules to follow.another one he didn’t do was season the threads,on his particular rifle it didn’t need done but when you’re teaching you need to explain that a new receiver/barrel will need the threads seasoned.when u are seasoning the threads don’t use the torque wrench to back off the nut

  4. If anyone can answer this question who knows, please post a reply. I started building. 03’s, M1 Garand’s and M14’s, (M1A’s) in the early 1980’s for NRA High Power shooting. It would be a mortal sin to ever install a barrel without finish reaming, and/or checking for head space. How can he just pop one on, and test fire without headspacing?

  5. Never will I ever use a vise block for the upper! It twists the upper and puts a lot of stress on some thin aluminum! Use a reaction rod. Puts ALL of the stress on the barrel where it is intended to and designed to be. All these wonderful videos on how to build the most inaccurate ar-15.

  6. This is an older vid.  I do not know the reference to pre and post ban barrel.  However, the reference to the torque setting is not correct, Monty used a number without any correction for the length of the tool on the torque wrench, which has a mechanical advantage.  Some would say no-big-deal, however it is not correct.  Brownells today say that torque starts at 28ftlb.  Several comments below ………..  Also, Monty is no longer with Brownells and they do no gunsmithing.

  7. one tip to get the forward gas block level with rear rail is to set receiver upside down on a long level and loosen the set screws on the gas block, both rail on gas block and rail on receiver will level on the level then re tighten the set screws on the gas block and your set, a lot easier than trying to eyeball a bubble level.

  8. I notice you didn't use lithium grease or anti seize on the barrel nut. Is this just for demo purposes without the grease?

  9. he doesn't even know how to use a torque wrench correctly, you're supposed to have the nut 90 degrees to the wrench.

  10. If this is who Brownell's employs as a gunsmith, remind me to never go there to have them work on my gun. This guy does a lot of things wrong. Oy vei!

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