Build Or Buy An AR-15?

Build or Buy an AR15 Rifle? I talk about the pro’s and cons of each.

I mentioned several manufacturers during the coarse of this video. To learn more about them, just google their name and check them out! I am not paid by anyone to advertise their product.

38 thoughts on “Build Or Buy An AR-15?”

  1. It’s No-Vos-Ke not No Ves Ki. You skimped on Not Taking The Tag Off The Gun.
    Cold Forged- not Hammered.
    This is Absolutely The Pit If Bullshit. It’s a Airsoft from what I See! Idiot

  2. I have ALOT Of COMMENTS FOR THIS VIDEO! Let’s Start With This- Do You Use The Gun? It Looks Flawless- that’s not common in a Shooters Life, must be the Kote?
    2. What was the barrel and No THATS NOT A SBR. EO $489. Go Vortex and Have Another Gun!
    AFG $23. Unless You Live In ??

  3. Douche bag is buying unnecessary expensive parts you’ll never shoot enough ammo through a standard barrel for it to erode unless you live in a war zone everyday. 500$ barrel yeah right!

  4. I love the rifles but…why build two of the same rifle if the only diffrence is barrel length? Why not do two different uppers?…seems kinda dumb

  5. I cant speak for 5 years ago, but it all depends on if you want high end manufacturers badging on your upper and lower. My first one was an FNH FN15 which at the time costed $1300 just for the rifle and ended up replacing enough parts to bring the total up to $2100 after all said and done.

    My new one will be a midwest industries complete lower and a basic PSA complete upper… that will cost $600 for a working rifle. I will add on a trigger, free float MI rail, flip up sights, red dot, grip, B5 stock, ambi safety, qd end plate, raptor ambi charging handle and a few other things that I cant remember and will bring the rifle up to around $1100. $500 for a noveske barrel is obscene.. you can get match barrels for $250.

    PSA sources parts from top companies like FNH and Aero Precision so in essence you DONT really need to buy high end name brands to have a great lifetime, accurate rifle… Free life lessons.

  6. Cool AR Builds!
    Unless you plan on precision shooting or some type of competition why spend that much money.

  7. Man, my 308 didn't have 3 grand into it and it was a sub .5 MOA rifle. But I also don't use Noveke barrels. I typically use Ballistic Advantage. I have a couple DD CHF barrels and a nice 12.5 Centurion Arms. But even in that one, I don't have 3 grand. Bene's of military discount? Maybe, but I think it's also smart shopping and not buying crap. What's up with that light mount that sticks out 2 inches. Also why is the barricade stop on the support side? Maybe he's a lefty?

  8. WOW! just think if Marines had "ALL THIS SHIT" on their rifles, we could have won the battle for Iwo Jima!! or Hue City!! Hell even the Battle of Fallujah!!!!!

  9. So you aren't comparing a built ar are against a bought AR…. you're comparing a built AR against an AR you paid a premium for and then build on anyway. So you can't answer the question just build one from the beginning and get it all right from the start

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