Building my 18 inch ar15 upper.

In this video I quickly go over the process of putting together a new upper and compare to my old one.

parts list:
aero precision upper
rise armament 18.8″ fluted competition barrel
JP/cyrac adjustable gas block
armalite 3 gun tune-able muzzle brake
DPMS lower
CMC 3.5 lb single stage trigger
magpul str stock
magpul miad grip
vortex viper pst 1-4×24

almost all parts were purchased through primary arms

5 thoughts on “Building my 18 inch ar15 upper.”

  1. People say that you need to have the torque wrench 90 deg. but with as big of a range as it is for the torque values, I don’t see why it matters that much

  2. Since you installed a 18" rifle length barrel, are you also installing a rifle length buffer tube, spring, and buffer? I'm building a 3 Gun upper myself and have a 18" rifle length barrel. I plan to run an adjustable gas block and Low Mass Bolt Carrier. Again, my barrel is a Rifle Length Gas System. What are the requirements, do I need a Rifle Length Recoil system or can I get by using a Carbine length buffer tube, due to me using an adjustable gas block and low mass bolt carrier, Anyone care to school me?

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