Building Your Tactical AR15 3-Gun Rifle

When it comes to building your own Tactical Division 3-Gun rifle (.223/5.56mm), these are the components that I think are important. Note that I’ve used the term Division and Class interchangeably so hopefully that isn’t confusing to some.

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  1. Fantastic video, all pertinent info needed "for the rifle" for 3 gun. I wish I found this video long ago. I'd like to add one question, Radical firearms has complete 5.56 uppers with melonite treated barrels, are these equal to stainless steel in your opinion? Thanks again

  2. You've always come across as one of the more informative and smart California YouTube based channels, so I was wondering if you could help with a question. With Gov. Brown's new laws, are featureless rifles the way to get around the new bullet button registration? I'm finally almost finished with my entry level 3g rifle, and figured I set my carbines up in similar setup. I was also wondering, who could I contact to get definative legal answers in my area? Any help would be greatly appreciated, as like many others, I have a lot of money invested in my firearms. Thank you either way.

  3. Quick question if anybody gets around to it. I've always shot with family friends who are/were military/law enforcement and have always been told to keep my trigger arm (elbow) in when shooting any form of rifle or shotgun. In some of the clips in this video such as near the beginning showing the guy with the 1x dot sight mounted onto his main optic. Can anybody explain to me why competition shooters tend to have their arms way out to the side like that.?

  4. Thank God I live in a Gun Friendly State .. (N.C.) Those California laws make Zero sense . Featureless weapon , LOL doesn't make the weapon any less dangerous !!!

  5. SuperSetCA, What do you think about Stainless Steel Barrels that have been melonite treated, or nitrite treated?

  6. I live in Cali too and I have a gun shop. I have been so worried about getting into competition three gun because I don't know where I can find all the California rules. Can you lead me in the right direction please?

  7. Great information, im new trying to get into 3 gun. I have a few rifles i can start with now but i want an excuse to build another. I was dead set on a chrome lined barrel bc ive heard they have longevity over SS, but watching this has changed my mind.

    I also learned alot about CA laws. If you have a minute to answer i have a question. If one owns 2 rifles, one featureless and one w/ bullet button can you own/ posses standard and high capacity mags even though it would be illegal to use the standard mags in the non featureless rifle?And can you transport them together?

  8. Great vid! Have you seen anyone use the Vortex Crossfire ii in matches? I know theres no bdc, but seems like it could be a decent budget option (if you familiarize yourself with holdovers).

  9. It's ashamed that the US are letting people feel weak……… No pistol grip, really? Wow, I didn't know pistol grips could kill somebody.

  10. Thanks for the video! Straight forward, to the point information without the mindless yak. Your info was clear and informative. I especially liked how you incorporated the recital shots as you described the scopes (nice touch!)  I wish more videos were like this!  

  11. Good video. Excellent info for beginners like myself. And I like the honest reviews without fanboy-isms. 

  12. thans, great vid! i am considering the mtac for my first 3 gun build with burris ar p.e.p.r mounts, hope its a good choice!

  13. I've always wanted a Noveske… but a SBR 10.5" version. Are these even allowed in Tactical division of 3Gun?

  14. How does this video only have 8k views? I thought 3-gun was the fastest growing shooting sport in the nation. Every-time I search anything remotely related to 3-gun setup, this video is always in the top 3. Anyway, great video, very informative. I'm sorry you live in a fascist state.

  15. Everything magazine related is described in PC 12020. Did you check CalGuns for their magazine thread sticky? It's all explained there too.

  16. You really should be on to get the latest and correct legal information. High caps are legal to own in CA so make sure you read that magazine thread FAQ on there.

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