Can someone with a DUI still get an FFL (Federal Firearms License)?

I have a friend who got pulled over and was 4 hundredths over the legal limit for "under the influence" (it’d been 2 hours since he had anything to drink). He’s in the process of trying to get an FFL to run a business. I was wondering if this would affect his background check. It’s his first offense and all and he hasn’t gone to court yet to determine if there’s any way they’ll let it off his record – classes, probation, suspended license.

Anyone know?

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  1. It is really dependent on whether or not he was arrested, convicted or had a case filed on him.. and if the FBI had flagged the records and placed him on the denial list on their national background check system (NICS).. but i doubt it’ll be a big issue since DUI are considered as misdemeanors.. and I’ve known people with DUIs passing an FBI check for gun license purposes.. not sure if the checks for FFLs are any stricter.. he just has to apply and find out.. good luck!

  2. Yes, it will affect his background check and his ability to get a license. They won’t let it off his record for at least a year, and probably more than that.

  3. Yes, you can get an FFL if you have had a DUI in the past. However, this needs to be disclosed in the application paperwork or he will be denied for the omission . It will not necessarily exclude him, but it will almost certainly delay the application- at least until the current charges are resolved.

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