Casting Mold to Legally make an AR15 100% Lower Receiver (NO FFL …

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The GunMold allows you to make a complete AR-15 lower receiver at home with NO FFL Transfer required (Federal Firearms License) Unlike an AR-15 (80%) Lower Receiver which requires machining or additional work this requires nothing more pouring, setting, removing the polymer lower and last but not least breaking off some polymer flashing. This video is part 1 or 2 and will show how to start make your ARMOLD from using the silicone mold and part will show how to remove the AR lower. This allows you to legally as many AR15 lowers as your heart desires with no GOVERNMENT involvement, no gun registration, no paper trails, no ATF, no backgrounds, no BS

16 thoughts on “Casting Mold to Legally make an AR15 100% Lower Receiver (NO FFL …”

  1. I used pins in all the holes to make the mold half's.They work perfectly to suspend the lower when pouring the first half and used dots those candies to make the mold half guides. There's pins going down through the mag well and trigger area to keep the silicone lined up perfectly during the pour. Just pull the pins it comes out perfect just minimal flash removal.

  2. Do you plan to add reinforcement to that vulnerable area below the buffer tube housing? Some competitors now put an aluminum insert in that area. Perhaps adding more polymer to that area?

  3. Pretty fricking cool, really!  I love stuff like this!!
    I am just a little bit curious about the dims at the trigger assembly pins.  How many cycles can the lower take before the hammer starts to damage the wall at the mag well…
    At any rate, you have a cool product that I am sure will get the job done.  I hope you do well with this, truly!

    As others have commented…….we'd love to see one in action  :).

    Thank you.

  4. Have you thought about filling the mold with some type of foam ,and then using the foam mold to cast an aluminium lower. I would be very interested in purchasing your mold.

  5. Wouldn't you have to drill holes for all the little pins ? And what about the threads for the buffer tube?

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