Check out the Franklin Armory F-17 WSM AR15. Awesome!

Franklin Armory sent me their new F-17 WSM AR for review. It’s a great rifle that is extremely accurate, very well made and completely California legal. A terrific combination.

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Host: Joel Persinger – The GunGuy
– Co-Founder & CEO of Practical Defense Systems
– NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor

Video & Audio Production: Nick Persinger – The Camera Guy

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26 thoughts on “Check out the Franklin Armory F-17 WSM AR15. Awesome!”

  1. Re-watched this review since I'm thinking about building one up. Mags, unfortunately, are very expensive at $100 or a CA-legal 10/20. Even more expensive for a 20 round mag.

  2. First manufacturer who uses their smarts and brings out this cartridge (.17 WSM) in a 18" BOLT action that uses a magazine that is on the shelf now (may require a $10. conversion kit) this little bullet flys at 3,000 fps. and is really not suited for a semi. style AR. ( just make it in BLACK) A bolt action will solve the High Pressure Gasses problems, and be more desirable in this varmint purpose
    cartridge. ( I'm just saying)

  3. I've loaded thousands of rounds in Franklin 17WSM magazines. No issues, ever. Also, they have a hole on the mags where you can use a chamber flag, or small screwdriver to pull it down while loading. Nice review! – Eric

  4. test it with and without the tension screw. sometimes it's not good it messes with the rifles harmonics.

  5. My HK MP5 22LR has the mag lever for easy loading. Never thought about the safety of not having one, but you're right. It would be scary to load without one. Good stuff as usual Joel Keep it up.

  6. Hey brother,
    what's the difference between an AR Pistol rifle and an AR other than some brace people are talking about?

  7. I've wanted one since I first laid eyes on it. I have the BMag and I'm a fan of the 17WSM round, I'd love to try it out in an AR platform.

  8. looking at the mag from a design perspective, I think they didn't design a pulling button out of safety maybe? what would happen if the rim of the round on top happens to rest behind the rim of the next round below, and when the bolt and carrier hits it with force, would that ramming jolt have potentials to set it off?
    with the user pushing the mag spring to load it one by one, the chance of having the top round ending up behind the bottom round must be significantly reduced, simply because the user has to fight against the mag spring to push the round in.

  9. when do you go to the club when it's dead like that? Everytime I go it's packed! frustrating

  10. you and that spring put together do not have enough strength to set those rim primers off it not made from bubble gum wrappers.

  11. Thank you very much Joel for the honest review. I actually was considering getting either this one or the Alexander Arms .17 hmr Tactical. There isn't really a lot of reviews for this product so thank you again!!

  12. hi Joel, thank you for what you do. Between this and the Garrow Firearms 17 HMR which one are you more impressed with?

  13. @gun guy have you seen new doj assault rifle language? it now includes basically ALL or any rifle with a detachable magazine. they even added "Rimfire" cartridges to it! have you seen that yet? the daily shooter did video of it yesterday. Rimfire is almost entirely for kids to learn how to shoot how low will CA go!

  14. Lol, I guess if I had waited till the video ended I would have got that ?. Thanks man.

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