Colt M4 LE 6920 with Bushnell AR 223 1-4 x scope

This video takes a look at the Colt M4 LE 6920 with a true 1 power scope with a quick throw down that magnifies to 4x

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  1. If you've never had a failure in your rifle, you need to train harder. I've never met a weapon that has never failed.

  2. the scope doesnt pick up the a2 front sight post? im only asking cause im really looking to order one but my ar has the a2 front sight post,great vid and rifle

  3. Hello. Love our channel and all the advise on the 6920. Waiting patiently for my rifle license here in a South Africa ?? so that I can own one. Please pray for our country to be delivered from the corrupt evil who now control it.

  4. thx. im looking at same optic glad to hear front post does not show , also what mount is that ???.. thx

  5. Great video sir, just have to ask because I also have a colt m4 with a 1-7 twist barrel, what grain ammo do you use in it? My groups are more open then I'd like them to be and bein the rifle it is I know it can be better

  6. You said that the front sights are not in the way of the optic, is that because you had a higher scope mount? And if so, how high is it? I have the standard front sights as well but was unsure if you would see the front sights at the bottom of the optic when looking through it.

  7. I'm not going to ask for prayer, rather give thanks to GOD for the blessings in my life. I may be poor yet rich beyond words! Thanks

  8. Does the front sight get in the way of the scope? I have the same fixed front sight.

  9. Alway good to see your reviews, very corporate very professional and to the point.

  10. do you wish colt I have serial starts with LE 4866- -,,,I've looked can't even find in colts listing,please help if u can anyone?????

  11. Thx for the info…You helped confirmed my getting this scope. I cant wait to get back out to use it.
    I appreciate the ministry as well. Please pray for my 14yr old son: I just bought him an M&P 15-22 for Christmas. He's a really good kid and I pray he will always be safe!!

  12. Nice video. I dumped my Red Dot and ordered the Bushnell 1-4X24 PCL. Does the sight tower get in the way when using 1-power?

  13. I live in Maryland where owning guns like the 6920 is unconstitutionally illegal. But we're moving to Florida and one of my first purchases there [after a golf cart] will be a Colt 6920, perhaps with this scope. Great videos. Thank you for them and thank you for your prayers.

  14. Does the front sight post get in the way of your scope sigh in any way? It looks like it would be.

  15. Nice setup there sir. What grip are you using with the finger grooves ? That's not the standard Magpul MOE that it comes with correct ? Thanks


  17. +god family and guns how does this ar compare the the s&w sport 2? Looking at getting one of the two. Is one better than the other? Thanks!

  18. great video I have colt le6920 scom with barska 1×4 quick detach and aimpoint pro and enjoy set up a lot

  19. Thanks for sharing. I am looking to buy a scope for my A4 build. This scope looks like it might be exactly what I'm looking for.

  20. Nice gun and scope. Never look at a Trijicon scope, I made the mistake, it will follow you home.

  21. Bought the Colt M4 LE 6920 just yesterday. What a fine rifle Colt will always be number 1 with me. Thanks for the great video as always. Great set up you have on your Colt, Stay safe.

  22. great rifle and review, colt is my favorite American arms manufacturer and I love my HBAR the quality of the build is identical to the M16 A4 I carried in the corps and has never failed me and my next build will be mostly colt

  23. That is a wonderful setup brother.. This is very similar to my go to rifle, I also have a 1-4, the trijicon accupower. Once I put that on I can't see using any other type of optic for my ar, that true one power with option of magnification is just perfect 🙂 I am looking into another more budget minded rifle and thanks to your vid will strongly be considering this optic 🙂 God Bless!

  24. Scopes are a necessary evil for my eyes on my AR. While the scopes aren't really that heavy the added weight is noticeable. I had two ARs. One with iron sights and one with a scope. After a little time you can feel the difference. I feel for home defense a non magnified scope like a small red dot is best. In most real world scenarios the 1×4 should be perfect. I have a 4×12 scope but don't really have a place to shoot far enough out to need it.

  25. Great video. FWIW, I have a Nikon P-223 3×32 scope on my AR. Works well at the range (Nikon specifically designed the scope for an AR in 223/556). G-d bless.

  26. Love the videos you make. I own a similar 6920. My first AR. I haven't changed anything so far, but interested in optics. My question is what is meant by "one power"? Please forgive my ignorance. I want something practical to the gun's application, not just something to dress it up. I'm no " Rambo ", I'm only interested in what's practical for " Average Joe" AR owner. I'm would only use my 6920 at the range and for personal defense at home if I couldn't get to anything else. (Not my first choice for home defense) I'm really not in the know on all the different options for optics. I want to be a good steward, not just buy optics because I can. Thank you for ministry. May God bless you and your beautiful family.

  27. Enjoy your videos and would appreciate your prayers right now. I work in the oilfield and thank God I still have a job, but with the down turn in the oil market many don't have a job anymore. In my job, we have taken such huge pay cuts, it's getting very very tough to make ends meet. I also suffer from AS which is treated with immune suppression drugs and have been having trouble with my health which my company is not very tolerant of right now. I am the soul provider for my family of 5 and so any prayers I could get I would greatly appreciate. Thank you and God bless you and yours!

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