Definitive Arms – AR15 mags in an AK

Definitive Arms offers an AR15 magazine conversion for 5.56/.223 AK’s. The conversion is of outstanding quality and is reasonably priced.

For more info about getting your rifle converted, contact Definitive Arms at:
You may also contact Definitive Arms at:

Gear in this video:
Ammo by Wolf:
Magazine Bandoleer by UW Gear –
Rail system by Midwest Industries –
Red dot sight by Burris:
50 round drum by Xs-Products:

29 thoughts on “Definitive Arms – AR15 mags in an AK”

  1. funny try to go to them sends me to YOUR company Copper Custom.. Did you buy them out? How do we get this now?

  2. Great job explaining this rifle,, just picked one up here in Kingman Az slightly used for $500! With a little personalization it might end up being my favorite in this caliber due to its reliability, availability of ammo, mags, & parts. Dollar for dollar probably the best in this caliber. Thanks for all your great informative videos.

  3. I was thinking about doing this conversion along with a left-side charging system, but on second thought I think I want to keep my ak operating as an ak and my ar as an ar.

  4. I know at this video is from a few years ago but, do you know if they are still in business? Could they do the same thing on an M85 Pap?

  5. I just bought a saiga .223 converted (threaded barrel, pistol grip moved forward, fixed triangle buttstock, and ak74 style muzzle break) for $700! Do y'all think it was a good deal?

  6. That is cool but after buying the rifle and paying for upgrades I think it would be more than my pocket can afford.I think I will get the Arsenal AK in 545.

  7. Just great. I was about to sell my 7.62×39 AK in favor of 5.56 GI mag fed rifles and this pops up. Guess I have to go to the gun shop and buy an AK 5.56 rifle.

  8. JIM FULLER @ rifle dynamics is down on the 5.56×45 AK (SLR-106, etc…) Something about the pressure being too high for the loose tolerance AK rifle. I think he has enough gunsmith time with the AK to have some pretty solid data points on anything 7.62×39. As I have read, but not experienced personally, there is very little to "break" on the rifle outside of the trunion and it takes a lot of abuse to do that to a good rifle. WHAT IS YOUR TAKE ON THIS MAC ?

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