Difference of an AR15 Pistol & AR15 Rifle – TheFireArmGuy

Looking at the similarities and differences between an AR15 pistol and an AR15 carbine rifle
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49 thoughts on “Difference of an AR15 Pistol & AR15 Rifle – TheFireArmGuy”

  1. You can shoulder the AR15 pistols legally now so idk if there's really any difference left other than the barrel length being less than 16"

  2. When you mentioned you are from Michigan, a lot of my subconscious questions were answered. I lived in Ann Arbor when I was a kid and would go over to a friends house Cornelius and his dad was just like you

  3. I might be a bit late to the party, but I've a question : what all do you sacrifice with an AR15 pistol with an arm brace vs an ar15 carbine? Since you're able to shoulder the brace nowadays, is the difference big enough to discourage someone from choosing an ar15 pistol as their go-to firearm as opposed to the bigger, more stable ar15 rifle?

  4. Great video, was wondering what the difference between the 2 were and you explained it perfectly brother thank you.

  5. Im building my own ar, can i get a pistol upper, and build the rest of the gun the same as a regular ar? I really like the looks of some of the pistol uppers.

  6. I under stand how for grips and angled grips can be illegal even though they don't really do anything to make the gun it's self more dangerous, just more conferrable because maybe it makes the gun look more dangerous but it says that on the NYS website that pistol grips are illegal? Yet they still sell Ar-15's at my local gun shop? All AR-15' have a pistol grip I'm pretty sure.

  7. I think the rock river pds pistol with a sling would make a better option for a pistol. unless of course you are just looking for the closest thing to an sbr without all the bs. 

  8. Sig came up with a way to add a legal stock. Other than that if you add anything you turn the gun to a short barreled rifle which is very illagal

  9. there's no way to modify this to allow for a stuck? Changing the buffer tube etc? Sorry I'm an AR noob

  10. ar pistols should be in piston so you dont have a huge buffer tube sticking out and without a stock i really dont like rifles same with shotguns cool video tho got me thinkn i want a sbr

  11. why the heck are using that buffer tube as a cheek weld/rest?? that's the worst way to use it. tuck that thing into your chest and enjoy much better accuracy!

  12. The AR pistol is probably the most fun shooting I have. I highly encourage you to shoot one.

  13. The one that is designed and functions well as a rifle platform makes sense. The one that is essentially the same but neutered down to be called a pistol, but fulfills neither the pistol or rifle role very well, doesn't make sense to me. Taking off the stock (without even losing any length and hardly any weight) and a few inches off the barrel makes it just a foolish and less functional rifle in my mind.

  14. The accuracy is about the same. Its just alittle harder to hold the gun steady with no stock at farther ranges. I can hit a target at a hundred yards pretty good with a good optic on. Not good with iron sights in my opinion. I have a 7in barrel and I loved it so much I sold the carbine and kept the pistol. I have a video of it under my profile shooting it back when I first built it. It looks nothing like that anymore. I need to post a more recent video.

  15. Its certainly not a sportsplex management. Its an AR pistol. They come in two sizes (that Im aware of) and this is the longer barrel

  16. i don't think that the ar15 "pistol" would classify it as one. Its more like an PDW or an smg.

  17. OK I get it now. I may try to shoulder it again, not a bad idea. I think Im done with this pistol for now. I may mod it up in the future

  18. Absolutely. What I meant was I use the buffer tube on an AR pistol as a stock. Being short as I am makes it easier,lol. Are you planing on doing any mods in the future? Kinda interested on what others are doing with thier AR pistols before I mod mine. Keep the vids coming

  19. I'm prefer to shoulder mine but then again I'm only 5'-7". I'm squared up to the target and with a vest it's even easier.

  20. Are both those set up as full auto? I just got a DDM4 V5 lw….I love it. Also got the slide fire. Check out my video on my channel….Oh and gimme a sub bro! looks like I need some help in that department 🙂 Im also going to give you a video response on the one you did on the S&W sigma. So look out for it!! Thanks for the vids tho…..love your stuff!!

  21. Good point but I really dont care. Actually within the last two weeks I picked a couple more.

  22. Put a short sling on it and pull it tight away from your self, really adds stability while keeping it legal (pistol variant).

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