DMR vs. Sniper Rifle

I see a lot of discussion about which rifles are DMR’s and which ones are Sniper rifles. I don’t agree with many folks out there that you can define them strictly by their accuracy potential.


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  1. Get your facts right !!! The term “Sniper” is a person trained in the discipline of sniping!!

    A rifleman or even a infantry soldier who was who proved himself as a good shooter and passing his annual personal weapon test with a very high grade is classed as a “Marksman”

    This entitled him to wear the crossed rifle on his uniform….. but this does not make him a sniper.

    All weapons classed as long range precision rifles are suitable for the purpose of sniping by a person trained in the sniping at the school of infantry

  2. Mac: "A bolt action rifle can't engage targets rapidly."

    Alvin York: cracks knuckles, proceeds to do just that

  3. So called gun experts. Really why don't you look in the mirror. Opinions built around guns you like to justify what is or is not is Dmr or sniper rifle doesn't matter. I love people who have never been in the the service saying how thing are used and done. How about you call your guns what you want to call them and let us call ours what ever we want to call them.

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  5. personally I think it has something more akin to military doctrine and use case (tactics) cause back in the day WW1-WW2 most "sniper" rifles are just your standard off the rack bolt action rifles slapped/fitted with a high magnification scope (4-6x), this is essentially what would be the present day classification of a DMR is it not? rather than go through the entire process of building and manufacturing purpose built weapons to fit the needs of a long range precision platform when rationing is an all time high is stupid. this also eases up logistics for the military as everyone in the regiment essentially uses the same ammo. I still think for modern use case this still applies. Now as for snipers well due to the process of actual trial and error in the development of a DMR platform; as personally it has to come from somewhere like highly modified Lee-Enfields being I think being the most common, Sniper platforms developed from there with special needs since of course one can manipulate the range of a weapon by essentially changing the barrel length and rifling even a .308 can potentially reach 1KM+ ballistic range but I still think the .338 Lapua is the best cartridge out there for some extreme ranges. This type of arguments also pops up over at Forgotten Weapons channel but ehhh, Ian mostly covers most weapons from the forgotten past where we typically learn a thing or 2.

  6. Interesting discussion now that the new M110A1 is being issued as a sniper rifle and dmr, with main differences being the optic it comes with.

  7. The guys arguing it are self proclaimed experts. But they are not snipers. Love your videos, keep it up?

  8. to me a sniper rifle is dedicated to longer ranges beyond 300 yards. a DMR by use of variable scope (1x-9x)or dual sighting systems, can be used out to a medium range of 300 – 600 yards, or in close if needed. DMR might be a .223, however a sniper will be of a calibre which has enough energy at 800 yards to get the job done in one shot. i.e. 243, .308, 300wm, 338, etc. another point is weight. a DMR would need to be lighter, such as a scar 17, where as a sniper can be deployed when needed but not carried in a patrol situation. just my view

  9. If someone put out a super durable, dead-nuts reliable, accurate, proven semi-auto DMR (not an SVD) I’d buy it today.

  10. you forgot one thing it also depends on how much the person is practicing with the rifle that makes them good,he has to know his rifle and the the ammo he is using

  11. When you say you can't differentiate between a sniper rifle vs. a DMR "based upon its features" are you also including it's reticle design? As in, isn't there a "DMR reticle" vs. a reticle more designed or suited for a sniper?

  12. Even though technically 'Designated Marksman' and 'Sniper' are military roles, ergo any rifle used by a solider in that role becomes either a 'Sniper Rifle' or 'DM Rifle' there are some common differences between the type of rifle used by each designation. A DM Rifle pretty much always has a higher magazine capacity and is semi auto; it is also more portable and not capable of extreme long ranges like a sniper rifle would be. A sniper rifle is likley to have a larger caliber, longer barrel, be bolt action and have a longer range scope. It's kind of like we humans identify other people's race; there is no specific characteristic that sets race apart but once enough characteristics specific to that race are present we become convinced of what that person is. The same can be said about DMR's and Sniper Rifles. DMR's are also very commonly just standard Assault/Battle rifles with extra attachments to improve accuracy. Sometimes they are made with the specific intention of being a DMR like the Dragunov but you can still tell it apart from sniper rifles due to all the other characteristics it shares with DMR's. There are also Snipers like the Barret .50 cal which are semi-auto but it too shares more features in common with snipers than DMR's ergo it is a sniper rifle.

  13. I've never really thought about it. I've always assumed that a DMR is a semi auto rifle that is used for long range but designed to be a bit more mobile. I picture a sniper rifle as being a bolt action that's more likely going to be used at an even longer range and more of a stationary application.

  14. The DC sniper used a Bushmaster AR15 with an eotech. Because of the application, it was considered a sniper.

  15. Hello my friend! I love this video, si really amazing and clear, is the first video what i saw, i wish know more about you, you are from army?

  16. The application according to the mission. The caveat being that a sniper's mission will most likely require special equipment and training whereas a dm's mission does not. A sniper is referred to as such explicitly because he has a complementary role to play in warfare and the dm is supplementary.

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  18. The difference lies in mission criteria and requirements. Sniper roles will tend to be more offensive, clandestine, capable of surprise and occurring at longer range. As such there will be less need for a plethora of shots or semi auto fire. They may also be perfectly fine with a fixed high power scope. A DM, on the other hand, will be with a platoon and will need to also be ready to engage targets at closer ranges, defensively and reactively. As such rate of fire and quick target acquisition (aided by lower power or variable power scopes with quicker target acquisition reticles) will be more important than range or precision alone. In conclusion, DMR can serve as sniper rifles, but are not ideal for some missions, whereas a traditional sniper rifle may be a bit inflexible in a DM role.

  19. A Sniper Rifle is a Bolt Action Rifle our Long Action Rifle. M40, M70, PSG1, QBU88, M14ERB, M25 , M21, M110 . A DMR is upgraded form a standard infantry rifle. Upgrading the M16 to the M16K now makes it a DMR. A DMR is a Scoped Standard Infantrymans Rifle that has been upgraded to preform the role of a Sniper Rifle. The Dragonov SVD is a Sniper Rifle because that's what it was disigned to be. The AK-47 was not designed to be a Sniper Rifle therefore putting a scope on it would make it a DMR. Designated Marksman are picked from shooter's who qualify as experts. Most people think if you put a scope on a rifle it automatically makes it a Sniper Rifle that's not the case .

  20. 1/4in group of 5 rounds @100yds with a Armalite SPR mod.2A chambered in 7.62 NATO. Best battle rifle ever made. Thank you Mr. Stoner! Oh yeah…with a Leupold 4×35 glass.

  21. Sure the SVD can and does get used as a sniper rifle, but being trained as a sniper and having shot it and many other different rifles I'd say at least all the ones I've shot were absolute dogs, mostly due to far too thin/light barrel that heats up enough from two rapid shots to move the point it hits by a foot at 500m which makes it worthless for the kind of shots I often took (500-800+). Sighted up cold it could be good for the first shot but it would need minutes to cool down enough to shoot accurately again.
    That said there is of course a possibility and quite high probability that the ones I've shot were not the best of the bunch, they were all very close in serial range from one batch.

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  23. i consider a rifle which can reach out to the longer distances, yet still be used on the ground, with your squad. like a SR25, Chris Kyle used one to clear houses, but something like an m40a5, is strictly a sniper rifle.

  24. A sniper rifle is any rifle that happens to be in the hands of a real sniper . Just like a marks men can use the same rifle in a different application which would make the same rifle a marksmen rifle . Put it back in the hands of a sniper and it becomes a sniper rifle again .

  25. Thank you for that explanation, my interest comes from playing computer games and Arma 2/3 specifically and I have been browsing the net for information ever since. I like the way you explained that DMR and sniper are actually different rolls/jobs for both the shooter and the gun and in some cases both the shooter and the gun is adequate at both.

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