Does A Pistol Caliber Carbine Suck For Home Defense?

Is a pistol caliber carbine a good choice for home defense? Are there better choices? Voice your opinions.

30 thoughts on “Does A Pistol Caliber Carbine Suck For Home Defense?”

  1. My Hipoint 995 is a good reliable rifle, but I don't use it for home defense. I have a 12 gauge next to my bed for that!!! And a .45 in my nitestand…

  2. I honestly would trust my CZ scorpion (Carbine) inside the house more than I would trusting my Glock 19. And I'm a good shot with both. But either would get the job done. The CZ is just a boss for me. I'd rather use that than my AR-15 hands down. Plus, I won't go deaf if this situation were to take place.

  3. Hearing loss is a big problem in QQB not to mention muzzle blast at night. My M-4 was very effective but now I have to wear hearing aides.
    My FX-9 controls are the same as an M÷4..So it feels right at home
    My wife prefers it over the AR15 carbine. When the dogs start barking like crazy and the alarm goes off, I want her to charge the FX-9 and call 911. I don't want her to clear the house.
    Missing the bag guys is the best way to have over penetration!
    It is easier for her to make hits with the 9mm carbine than a pistol when the adrenaline dumps. Plus we can practice at the nearby indoor pistol range that doesn't allow rifle rounds. I like the rifle a lot.
    The FX9 also takes Glock 17/18 magazines.
    We also like the Marlin Camp 9, easy to shoot and it doesn't look like the 'evil assault rifle. So it's easier to introduce liberals to shooting: first the 10-22 then the camp 9. IMHO

  4. At the end of the day the gun you have and are willing to use and are comfortable with is the best gun for SD. When the flag goes up and it is time to play you go to what you know. Shotgun, AR-15, Handgun, Carbine……all are fine for defense if you are willing to train with them.

  5. Rifles are not good choices for CQ (Close Quarters) encounters. Pushing AR's for home defense has been a marketing boon for manufacturers, but it's not a practical choice for a defensive weapon for your typical home. Rifles excel in medium and long ranges. Invest in pistols, pistol caliber carbines (PCC), or shotguns, and try going to the range at least 1x a month to train with them. I keep a 22lr around for a "surprise me" situation because it has low noise and low recoil. I keep 9mms pistols, a PCC, and a shotgun within reach, with hearing protection. I don't use rifles for home defense because they don't beat the aforementioned at close ranges, and their typical ammo will travel farther, and remain lethal, after a miss.

  6. I respectfully disagree. I don't think it's ever a good idea to shoot a round the travels at 3000+thousand fps inside an enclosed area like a house. If you do, you better have some extra good hearing protection. Your standard .223 and 5.56 will over penetrate inside a home environment due to the aforementioned velocity. So will your typical handgun caliber, but not to the same degree. Your .223/5.56 miss that goes out your window will remain far more lethal at 150 yards than your 9mm traveling 1100 fps. You own every shot, so unless your initials are JM and you have his level of accuracy, you better plan accordingly to minimize potential collateral damage. Lastly, I can guarantee that most people will be far more accurate with a carbine than with a pistol with minimal training. You're under the assumption that most will train and then practice to the point of reaching competency. Nope, most people see the range only a few times a year at best. That's just reality.

  7. We all know that when you use a carbine length weapon with a pistol caliber cartridge you get a lot more velocity from the round itself.  When using a JSP or a hollow point round you are more likely to get expansion of the bullet than you will from a handgun itself.

  8. Great video! I have my opinion as well. I made a video discussing this very topic awhile back titled "mp5 best cqb weapon ever"? If you get a chance please check it out and let me know what you think 🙂

  9. I would use a 410 or 20 ga pump shotgun plus revolver in .38 special with jhp ammo. The shotguns come with almost any kind of ammo you desire. For around $600.00 you should get tools to let you handle most strange bumps in the night. If you have $200 to &300. you can get some good used shotguns.

  10. Rifles rounds are great but one thing to note is shooting supersonic rounds in a home will damage your hearing and cause temporary ringing which will limit your senses in a stressful situation.

    Ppl get pistol carbines to suppress them to protect their hearing at home and it's cheaper to practice 9mm.

  11. Constantly hearing about how difficult it is to shoot a pistol accurately – multiple cops emptying magazines and getting less than 1 in 10 on target. It's not that a pistol is intrinsically inacurate, it's the short sight radius.

    Also, in a confined space (indoors) many people imagine a pistol is more 'wieldy', but in fact, in a proper stance with arm(s) extended, the muzzle will actually be further out from your body than that of a shouldered carbine with, say, a 16" barrel.

  12. at a good distance I really dont need to have a semi automatic weapon, I just need to make my shots count….

  13. and after actually thinking about this, at 300 yards, a 300 mag would blow off arms and legs with a round (the right round) that would rise and fall only an inch from center the whole way.

  14. I've been considering a carbine, I like the fact that they can be accurate out to 100yrds or more depending on the shooter. cheap ammo is good to…. and lets face it, if you know a thing or two, what ever it is, you shoot it in the face its going down 98? of the time…. I would like a full on rifle as well…. but to be honest, at my house I do not have a clear distance long enough for an 800 yrd rifle…. but then in an all out shtf situation, I would not fire anything from home base that wasn't seriously suppressed. I'd be better off with a cross bow at that rate.

  15. love my Gen 1 sub 2000 in 9mm glock. great home defender w 33 Rd mag. little, lightweight and lots of firepower. have a 300 lumen light and that's all. keeping it at 4lbs and right on the bed post

  16. Shooting through walls is not a myth. The idea that "the right ammo" will prevent it is dangerous misinformation.

  17. i don't like kel-tec and they can let the door hit em hard on the way out the industry! eventually everyone will know kel-tec is garbage!

  18. I agree——–have a mini14 it is nice and pretty versatile. As you said a lot of extras if you want them

  19. If it wasn't for stupid SBR laws they'd make more sense. If the barrel's got to be 16''.. might as well be 5.56 or something similar.
    Now with a 6''-10'' barrel, pistol carbines make a little more sense, still more sense with suppressors in mind.

  20. I am currently in the process of gathering all that I need to assemble an Colt patterned AR… I have an Yankeehill 9mm Lower and all the lower components, trying to decide on the upper and barrel length now. I own 5.556 chambered AR's and really want a 9mm version of them for the fun factor and cost savings, reloading 9mm is cheaper than buying it new and certainly cheaper than shooting all of my rifle ammunition! You are correct, this 9mm version is going to be " spending" to finish! You have to really want something this to justify the cost. Hahaha. Great video.

  21. here is my two cents. contrary to what the maker of this video say a pistol is not as accurate and a pistol carbine. nor, is it as proficient. if you think you can line up on target then multiple other target with a pistol as fast and as well as a pistol carbine. then I've got some beach front property in Wyoming for you.

  22. I'll admit it, I wanted a Keltec Sub2k. Now that version 2 is about to begin to come off the assembly in droves, I'm drooling for it instead. However, it wasn't for home defense that I had in mind to use it for. No, I thought it would be a good vehicle firearm. It would extend the range, slightly, of whatever 9mm I was carrying plus, the rounds would be interchangeable. If I was carrying a Glock at the time, the mags would also be interchangeable. However, the more I think about that, an AR15 can be broken in half too and stored in the same space as a Keltec Sub2k. Plus, an AR would have a longer, more accurate range then the Keltec. So, the Keltec Sub2k would be more of a "fun gun to shoot." Since, for now, I'm just going for guns I can use, I'm not getting one for awhile.

    To me, the perfect firearms for home defense are the aforementioned handgun as well as a nice 12gauge pump action shotgun. The handgun for the reasons you mentioned, as I stated. The shotgun because it got that awesome, very well known ratcheting sound that will make the common thief crap himself and it can clear a room in seconds of all threats both foreign and domestic. I've done research and #04 Buck is actually a bit better than using #00 Buck. Slightly smaller pellets but they make up for it in sheer number of pellets downrange.

  23. ide stick with a hangun easier to access. lighter. more maneuverable unless its all you got then itll get the job done

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