DPMS Panter AR-15 Review and accessories

Quick overview of my impressions of the DPMS Panther AR-15 as well as some useful accessories.

DPMS Panther Sportical Carbine – $600
Black Rifle Tactical T-Pod Vertical Grip with Bipod – $30
Model 4/15 Non-Slip Ergonomic Grip – $20
MAKO GL-SHOCK Recoil Reducing Stock – $100
Vortex® StrikeFire Red Dot Rifle Scope – $170
Magpul MBUS Gen 2 Folding Rear Site – $50
Magpul MBUS Gen 2 Folding Front Site – $33
CPL-RM Classic Pistol Laser – $90

35 thoughts on “DPMS Panter AR-15 Review and accessories”

  1. LOL you held the follower on the pmag so it wouldn't rattle. You could hear it rattle when you brought it towards the camera before you put your finger on it. All pmags rattle too.

  2. Nice DPMS man but I gotta say even if you're a noob, know what the parts are lol. That thing you put your cheek on is a cheek riser or rest ? but nice work on it!!

  3. I'm sure the recipient of your slug doesn't really care about the looks of your weapon.
    Maybe you plan on marching in a parade or something? Looks don't mean a damn thing. Its all about how, accurate, and dependable it is. That's #1 in my book. Did you buy the weapon for your friends to admire, or to protect yourself, and your loved one's?

  4. I stopped viewing at 1:48 minutes as I could not stand the vulgarity! The video has potential…but the vulgarity is a real turn-off. BTW that forward piece of S..t is called a forearm.

  5. Just send me that usgi mag, i'll cherish, love, honor and respect it! If you'd have changed the follower to a magpul anti tilt, and loaded it, you'd see its not that bad, and in "some cases" better than p-mag

  6. mine is setup almost the same. but i have a rock river and a different popout bipod.

  7. Nothing wrong with the us gi mag with the green follower they work great. Don't be afraid to use it.

  8. an ar15 for home defense ? Lmfao get a Damn shot gun or a pistol dude….and it's called a quad rail….and you can get different barrel lengths too….and wtf you need a bipod for home defense? you're not sniping people from inside…nor is you're place a Manson lol

  9. I stopped watching as soon as you said "its uncomfortable to hold but I don't give a shit about that"

    Way to go Mr. Tacti-Cool

  10. Actually not all UTG is Chinese Shit, they have the real UTG USA and its made from high quality materials.

  11. i like the video and the commentary is "plain english" Great looking rifle and nice video

  12. You could have got an all milspec BCM for around the same price. If anyone is watching this video and wants a higher shelf AR for the same price, get a BCM, Spikes, LMT or Rock River. Hell, if you have a few extra bucks get a Daniel Defense or Colt who are both current military suppliers. DD To Special forces specifically. All well made stuff. Do your research and you'll be fine. Don't take my word for it.

  13. Dude get yourself the T-Pod from the Mako Group don't use Airsoft parts on a real gun, UTG is shit.

  14. yea your right everything UTG is for Airshot, the real ones are made by Fab Defense/The Make Group

  15. Dude its not fake I even have one on my AR-15 its a nice grip/bipod. Its for the sniper rifle version of the M4 which is what the AR-15 is based off of so it works.

  16. i have a dpms as well and no complaints yet. dpms is decent and the majority that call dpms a shit rifle are the one who spend hundreds more on a different brand. the best route to go for ar is to build one from a stripped lower, but in a pinch the dpms is hard to beat. currently running the oracle with magpul moe handguard, hogue grip, eotech exps 2-0 with troy bus. this stock made it easier for second shot acuisition over comparable in price range

  17. i have a dpms sportacle. and it's awesome. Never had a jam. very solid rifle for around 700 dollars

  18. Hey man, I am lookin to purchase an AR15 and im wanting to spend 800-950….would you say DPMS is a solid brand for the money because i noticed their prices are a little lower. I am not dissing DPMS but normally i hold to a "you pay for what you get" and i just want to make sure its a wise purchase. Thanks!

  19. The T pod is like that because it is not the original fab defense T-Pod. That one looks like the fake Chinese knock-off which is decent for fun but if you want the real deal pick up the Original which can be had for about $150 bucks. Nice upgrades .

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