Easiest AR15 Lubrication Method

The ar15 platform is a very reliable system as long as you maintain it properly. Lubrication done right will extend the life of your rifle.

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9 thoughts on “Easiest AR15 Lubrication Method”

  1. Why not at least just pull the BCG out, it's really simple. I have found the light oil does not stay on the BCG after a trip to the range. Use Lucas products, they are heat resistant and stay put during firing [HEAT] Also small amounts of Lithium Grease on the sides of the gas key and on the bottom of the BCG [ very little] it goes a long way???

  2. Just use a synthetic motor oil on it. Put a light coat over it all as you put it back together and it'll collect the carbon and is a hell of a lot cheaper than gun oils which most of the time are recycled byproducts of refining oil and gas. Clp that everyone goes nuts for is crap plain and simple. There's a reason every time I went to the range I'd see soldiers bringing out their own lube

  3. I'm now using Lucas gun oil products and having better results that slip 2000 which I used for years, it just seems to stay where you apply it.

  4. Thanks for your viewpoint, but there are others.  There is a lot of disagreement among shooters how to lube an AR-15/M-4.  The most "esteemed" veteran professional military trainers all say to run these guns "wet."  As in heavily lubed, as in slobbering Mobil I synthetic motor oil over all moving parts and just letting any excess run out.  Sure, it might attract dust that way, but if it eventually makes a paste (grease) with the oil just WIPE IT OUT, and add more oil!  The sound of your bolt scraping through its upper makes me cringe!  I believe it should SLIDE slickly like a garden slug in eel spit over generous lube……………………….elsullo

  5. DIR
    Interesting bit on the 4 contact points (never heard that before). I've heard the locking lug recesses are very important and one gunsmith said to use a LIGHT coat of grease on that area. A lot of people never seem to lube under that front sight along the threading.

    Are Stag ARs quality weapons?

    Do you like AKs? If so, a 74 or 47?

  6. Man I am way too thorough lol.

    Although I will say I love the ewl-30 for my BCG, granted I live in a warm climate though. Also I put a little bit of light weight grease, slide glide lite, on the hammer/bcg contact points.

    I probably severely over lube it to be honest, as I suspect most people do, especially considering mine is a piston op.

  7. Thank u for the info. I don't own a rifle or carbine not I know anything about them. I think now is the time to learn more about them and get one. Thx for sharing those tips.

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